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ToneVille Announces New Custom Series of Guitar Amplifiers

Available exclusively at Lucci Music in Colorado Springs and online: a brand-new custom guitar amp series.

ToneVille is the absolute best in quality and sound. With amazing vintage looks and extraordinary craftsmanship, ToneVille is out of sight!

Dig this!

  • Built to last forever, ToneVille uses only the very best of the new old stock tubes (NOS) giving all ToneVille amps that authentic, retro tone.
  • Every single component of the amp is over-engineered to meet the highest quality standards.
  • Sound isn’t colored with reverb or added effects, just pure, marvelous tone.
  • 1/8” thick Custom-Made Aluminum Chassis
  • Choosing between head and combo amp is a thing of the past since ToneVille’s Combo Amps are automatically set up to play through our custom ToneVille Extension Cabs.
  • The cabinet’s woodworking is top-of-the-line. Using the highest quality Black Walnut and Hard Maple, our amps are constructed with dovetailed joints giving them style and durability to last forever.
  • The Additional Reverb Unit is a fantastic addition to the combo. Made from 18- gauge steel, it has storage space to hold all of your additional cables and accessories for gigs.
  • Box: 11.5”X18”X10”. Storage: 4.25”X7.75”X8”.
  • Master Push/Pull Knob
  • Mid-range on EQ has feature to eliminate EQ from the Circuit
  • Custom ToneVille knob for Negative Feedback
  • Each amp is made with a 12” Speaker at 16 ohms:
  • Vintage 30 Celestion Speaker installed in the extension cab
  • G12H30 Celestion speaker installed into each combo amp

Four solid amps:
Rio Grande, $995: Tube Reverb Head with Natural Compression
o5 Watt Reverb Amp
o Tube Specs: 1 Mullard 12ax7; 1 RCA BP 5965/12AT7; 1 RCA BP 6K6
Sunset Strip, $1995: Tweed Clean & Break-up Sounds, great for studio
o 10 Watt Amp
o Tube Specs: 1 Mullard 12ax7; 1 RCA BP 6L6GC; 1 RCA BP 5Y3GT
Beale Street, $2,295: Ultimate Blues or Rock and Roll Amp
o 15 Watt Amp
o Tube Specs: 1 Mullard 12ax7; 1 RCA BP 5965/12AT7; 1 pair RCA BP GG 6V6GT;
1 Mullard GZ 34
Broadway, $2,395: AC-15 Sound with a heavier punch CPF ENGCPGT VQPG
o 15 Watt Amp
o Tube Specs: 1 Mullard 12ax7; 2 Japan Mullard 12ax7; 1 pair Mullard EL-84;
1Mullard GZ-34

ToneVille Extension Cab, $895: Single 12-inch Extension speaker exclusively built for our combo amps. Our extension cab has a closed back with option to remove panels for an open back.

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