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Vox Announces New MV50 Amps, MVX150 Line

Vox has announced two new additions to its MV50 Amp line, the MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique amplifiers. These amps offer 50 watts of power and feature Korg’s Nutube technology, all while weighing in at just over a pound.

The MV50 High Gain mimics the sound of increasing the input gain, and contains a mid-switch control, providing a versatile expressive range that extends from an edgy sound, ideal for riffing, to a low, rich sound that’s suitable for lead. Comparatively, the MV50 Boutique provides a clean and harmonic richness, as well as blooming sound distinctive to a traditional vacuum tube.

The MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique Amps will be available starting in February for $199.99 each.

Vox MVX150 Head and Cabinet

Vox MVX150 Head and Cabinet (Image credit: Vox Amplification)

Vox MVX150 Head and Cabinet

The 150-watt, two channel Vox MVX150 Head and Cabinet amps are Vox's two newest creations.

The MVX150 is the first amplifier equipped with Korg’s acclaimed Nutube technology in both the pre-amp and power amp. Coined as“NuPower,” it uses Nutube in a push-pull configuration, borrowing circuit design techniques from some of history’s best vacuum tube amps, resulting in both a pure cleantone, as well as a modern high-gain sound, with a powerful low end.

These carefully constructed amps contain two channels with two modes for each channel, resulting in a diverse range of sounds. The passive tone circuit, with the addition of bright and fat switches, produces warm, tonal quality, reminiscent of a supreme boutique amp.

The MVX150 Head and Cabinet will be available starting in February for $849.99 and $999, respectively.

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