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11 Ways to Soundcheck Your Guitar on Stage

Jared Dines—a multi-instrumentalist with more than a million YouTube subscribers—has obviously witnessed a lot of weird soundchecks in his day.

The proof is in his latest video, "How to Soundcheck Your Guitar (on Stage)," which hit the YouTubes yesterday.

Despite its title, the humorous clip, which you can stream below, isn't quite a "how to." Instead, it spotlights the many attitudes guitarists take toward the (arguably) all-important act of soundchecking. For instance, there's "the idiot" who doesn't know the location of his cable, his pick or his composure—or if he's even soundcheckling his own guitar.

There's also "the shred guy," "the guy has to finish the riff," "the rock star" and—best of all—"the blame guy." This is the guitarist who, at pretty much every soundcheck, which inevitably say, "Me? Hell no, it ain't me, dude. I always sound good. I don't know what you're doing, but it's terrible."

Check it out below. And while you're at it, drop in on Dine's YouTube channel right here.