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Access a library of iconic amp tones with Hughes & Kettner's new Black Spirit 200 combo

Hughes & Kettner has always been a formidable player in the amp game, with its GrandMeister 40 Deluxe in particular consistently ranking as one of the best guitar amplifiers for metal on the market.  

The Black Spirit 200 though, shows that the company is also no slouch when it comes to producing more versatile machines. 

In the words of our Tech Editor, Paul Riario, the Black Spirit 200 "Delivers larger-than life tones in a compact combo format." Reducible to 20 and 2 watts from its standard 200, the Black Spirit 200 can rock any stage, studio or practice room, and packs a library of tones large and well-rounded enough to make any amp modeler blush.

You can watch Paul take the combo for a test drive in the video above.

For more information, head on over to Hughes & Kettner.