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Leo Kottke Teams with Members of Los Lobos for 'Dunk Tank' Summer Camp

Legendary acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke today announced "Leo Kottke's Dunk Tank," his first-ever seminar and musician summer camp. It will take place August 4 to 8.

David Hildago, Cesar Rojas and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, plus instructor and musicologist John Stropes will join Kottke.

"Leo Kottke’s Dunk Tank" is a unique music camp for all ages and levels, created in association with Dreamcatcher Events, which combines entertainment, education and a vacation experience.

It will take place at the scenic Cambria Pines Lodge in California, which is between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Tickets for "Leo Kottke’s Dunk Tank" are on sale now at

This will undoubtedly be a special and unusual event, as it's a rarity to catch the legendary Kottke in this kind of setting. In fact, via his own admission, he’s done “only three” seminars in the course of “80 years.”

This is a special opportunity to watch him play live up close and personal, ask some questions, imbibe one of Central California’s finest libations (or three) and take in the vibe.

“This is total immersion,” Kottke says. “You’re meant to be in there with me and these other great talents. I want to spend time with the fans, especially individually. That’s when amazing things can happen. It can be quite moving and funny. That is something I’m all about.”

Members of Los Lobos will also be playing, fielding questions, and spending time with attendees. “We’ve never done anything like this,” said Steve Berlin. “It wasn’t even just a matter of finding time in the schedule. It was about the right situation. I think that this is ideal. It’s a bunch of friends coming together, playing music and making some new friends.”

“I’m looking forward to working with Leo and John,” Berlin says. “I enjoy teaching, and I’m coming up with a couple of surprises for a curriculum, you might say. I’ve definitely got something to impart from my various experiences. Also, we’re going to have a blast jamming with all of the players there.”

The four-day event also features one of the world’s foremost musicologists and definitive Kottke "expert," John Stropes.