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Alex Skolnick and Chris Broderick Announce Winter Guitar Retreat

Scratch that new Les Paul off your Christmas wish list and add this: Testament's Alex Skolnick and Megadeth's Chris Broderick have just announced the first annual Skolnick & Broderick’s Winter Guitar Retreat, which is set to take place at Full Moon Resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains from December 26-30.

What better way to cap off the year than taking part in jam sessions, open mic nights, master classes and even private guitar lessons with two of metal's most well-rounded players.

"I'm really looking forward to partnering with my friend Chris Broderick for our Winter Guitar Retreat,” said Skolnick. “Each of us has a unique, individual approach to guitar and it's always fun to share one's experience with deserving students. Therefore, we've decided to join forces and create the ultimate post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s getaway for amateur and pro guitarists alike."

Broderick adds: "Come join Alex and myself this winter for a comprehensive look at how we view the guitar. It will not only be insightful, but relaxed and fun as well. We will cover things such as stage performance, live jam sessions, and all kinds of helpful guitar playing tips that you can utilize. I look forward to seeing you at this incredible event.”

You can check out a special video of Chris and Alex talking about their Winter Guitar Retreat below.

Attendees who register and pay in full prior to October 31 are being offered a 10% discount, so head here to get all the info and make your plans now!