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Allow yourself some escapism with this exclusive, guided tour of the Martin Guitar Museum

Though it now feels like a lifetime ago, awhile back, YouTube guitar extraordinaire Jared Dines was invited - along with GW's Paul Riario - to Martin's amazing headquarters in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. 

Though Jared and Paul were there mostly to get a closer look at the company's incredible, futuristic SC-13E acoustic-electric model, the folks at Martin generously gave them a VIP tour of the company's custom shop and factory and, as an additional treat, its equally amazing museum.

Martin's been around since 1833, so the company has plenty of jaw-dropping vintage (very, very vintage) acoustic guitars on display at its museum - a number of which the company let Dines play for himself. 

To hear some of those incredibly rare, immaculately-cared-for vintage acoustics and learn more about the history of the guitar itself, take a look at the video above.

For more on all things Martin, stop by the company's website.