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Babicz Introduces Full Contact Hardware Z Series Bridges

In addition to the already-revered original Full Contact Hardware system, AP International and Babicz are announcing the release of the Z Series system, a more budget-friendly alternative with the same beloved features.

Instead of aluminum, the Z Series bridges are made of zinc allowing for everything functionally but without the price tag. It will be immediately available in several popular styles of guitar bridges: 2-Point Strat tremolo, 6-hole Strat tremolo (wide and narrow variations), hardtail and Tele (single-coil and humbucker versions).

Babicz hardware is designed to maximize and keep consistent contact between the vibrating guitar string and the guitar body as a resonator. Most conventional guitar bridges, especially after making adjustments for intonation and action, leave air gaps between the saddle and bridge, which greatly reduces the sonic integrity of the string.

With Babicz hardware, you can adjust your action as high or low as desired without ever reducing contact of the string to the body, for maximum tone and resonance.

See Babicz Full Contact Hardware at Winter NAMM 2015 in booth 4860 in Hall C.

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