Best Positive Grid Spark deals February 2024: Today's best prices on the Spark, Spark Pearl and Spark Mini

Man playing guitar through a Positive Grid Spark Mini
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The Positive Grid Spark is a smart practice amp full to the brim with tones, effects and useful learning tools. Its massive array of features, impressive sound quality and connectivity have helped the Spark cement its place as our number one pick for the best desktop amp, and if you're looking for a great practice amp capable of clean, dirty and everything in between, then this amp should be high up on your shortlist. What's more, we've found the very best Positive Grid Spark deals online right now – including the original Spark, Spark Pearl and new Spark Mini.

Positive Grid has been consistently changing the game over its fairly short lifetime. After introducing a whole new audience of guitarists to the world of recording and production through its Bias amp and effects software, PG made the leap into the hardware market with the Bias head, and then came the almighty Spark. Since its release, Positive Grid claims to have amassed over 200,000 users of the Spark – not exactly surprising when you take into account what it can do.

With PG's Bias Tone Engine at the heart of the Spark, the tones and playing response you get are properly impressive. While most digital amps lack an element of realism, the Spark feels and sounds like it should cost a lot more than it does. Combine that with the smart learning features, and you've got an amp that can help you take your playing up a notch.

There's more detail on the Spark range further down the page, but if you're just here to bag a great deal, we've rounded up the best offers below.

Best Positive Grid Spark deals 

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Positive Grid Spark 40

One of the smartest amps on the market

Launch price: $299/£299/$299 | Type: Digital modelling amp | Output: 40W | Number of amp models: 33 | Weight: 5.2kg | Speakers: 2x4”

Smart features genuinely useful
Doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker
Spark app opens major doors tone-wise
Lacks a bit of low end 

The Positive Grid Spark 40 is one of the most all-encompassing practice amps out there. Based on Positive Grid's Bias Tone Engine, the tones that you're able to coax out of this amp are thoroughly impressive. It's unlike PG to do anything by halves, and the Spark is proof that they more than deserve their position towards the top of the game.

The Spark has 33 amp models and 43 effects onboard straight out of the box, but when combined with the companion app, you'll have access to more than 10,000 extra tones in the Spark's online library. This is the place to download other people's presets, and share your own.

As well as being a great sounding amplifier, the Spark's smart features offer the user a fun and rewarding experience. The features – Smart Jam and Auto Chords – are easy to operate and get your head around, and add an extra element to your practice routine to keep things fresh. Smart Jam uses the app and amp to understand your playing style, tempo and feel, and generates a backing track with authentic-sounding drum and bass tones to play along with you.

Auto Chords is another of the Spark's smart features – probably the most useful. Choose any song you can think of on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube, and the Spark will figure out and display the chords in real time as you play. If you're worried you're not nailing your guitar parts, then you can slow down or loop certain parts to make sure you're getting them bang on.

The connectivity of the Spark is outstanding – with Bluetooth for music streaming, an ⅛” (3.5mm) aux input and USB inputs and outputs: great for turning your Spark into an audio interface for when inspiration strikes next.

The Positive Grid Spark is also available as the Spark Pearl – finished in a fresh white tolex.

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Positive Grid Spark Mini

A portable, battery-powered alternative to the regular Spark

Launch price: $229/£229/$299 | Type: Digital modelling amp | Output: 10W | Number of amp models: 33 | Weight: 1.5kg | Speakers: 2x2”

Looks great
Same great tones as the original
App connectivity is great
Battery life not great when playing loud

Well, we never thought the original Spark was too big – but with so many guitarists looking for the biggest sound from the smallest amp, the Spark Mini is a welcome addition to the PG product catalog. The Spark Mini, much like the full-size Spark, is packed with useful and entertaining smart features and entertains Bluetooth connectivity – but the Mini has a few special surprises behind the grille.

Let's start with the speakers. The Spark Mini features two 2" speakers which are mounted side by side, but facing outwards at an 8 degree angle. When combined with the passive bass radiator on the underside of the amp and the 3-point contact feet, the Spark Mini kicks out a suitable amount of low-end; focused and warm sounding – unlike most small practice amps.

You see, when you essentially cut an amp in half, some things have to be sacrificed. You'll be pleased to know that all of the amazing tones and effects have stayed, but the Spark Mini has a condensed version of the Spark's control panel. Everything but the most important controls have had to go, so know you've a preset selector which can scroll through four programmable presets, and then a guitar channel main volume and a music channel volume. 

Yeah, it's a simple setup – but we like the more basic approach on the Mini. The Spark amps are all about making your practice routine better – and simplifying your tools can make a huge positive impact to your playing, as you're no longer worrying about tweaking every last setting.

The Mini has within it all of the features of the full-size Spark. Auto Chords, Smart Jam, and all of the cloud access are all enabled - but one of the Mini's most notable features is all-new, and doesn't make an appearance on any other PG product. The Mini, when plugged into your phone, can record your audio at the same time as you record video – then all you've got to do is share the video (which now has great sound quality) to your favorite social platform.

Now, the Mini, while you can use it plugged into the mains, is designed to be used portably under its battery power. Its rechargeable via USB, and fully charges in 3 hours – which then provides you with up to 8 hours of battery time to play guitar or stream music. However, the battery life depends on how intense your usage is. 

The Spark Mini is currently still in its pre-order phase and selling fast, so we'd recommend you jump on it sooner rather than later. Choose between the 'Power Supporter' and 'Player Special' packages, which are $189 and $195 respectively. 

Best Positive Grid Spark deals: Alternatives

For those who feel that the Spark or Spark Mini are a little complex for your needs, we'd recommend taking a look at the

. You're still getting stereo speakers and Bluetooth, but its interface is a little more amp-like and straightforward. With 15 guitar amp models onboard, you've still got ample choice when it comes to picking the right guitar tone.

If you like the app connectivity but can't bring yourself to spend nearly $300, then our recommendation would be the

. At around half the price, the build and overall quality of the amp is a little less inspiring, but the quality of the tone is still up there. With 7 channels, 13 amp models and 28 effects vying to be played through the Mighty Air's stereo speakers, you won't be lacking tonal options. Some of the backing tracks in the app are kind of lame, the majority were fun to play along to – and some made us realise we need to practice our modes a lot more.

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