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Boss updates its classic octave circuit with the new OC-5 pedal

(Image credit: Boss)

Hot on the heels of introducing its most compact GT unit yet, the Pocket GT, Boss has unveiled the newest iteration of its OC range of octave effect pedals, the OC-5.

New features include a Vintage mode that offers a “spot-on” recreation of Boss’ ‘80s-era mono OC-2, only with improved tracking, as well as an upgraded Poly mode with numerous enhancements for extended-range playing.

There’s also a new octave-up feature, which is accessible on its own or can be blended with octave-down effects.

A variable Range control, meanwhile, allows you to choose which notes in a chord you want the pedal to process; in Poly mode, the lowest setting applies the octave effect to only the lowest note in a chord.

Other features include a Mode switch to optimize the tracking engine for guitar or bass, a direct out for wet/dry setups, 9V DC or battery operation and, of course, the classic OC brown-and-white enclosure.

The new OC-5 is available for $129.99. For more information, head to Boss.