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Dave Keuning announces second solo album A Mild Case of Everything, releases lead single Ends of the Earth

Dave Keuning
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Dave Keuning has announced his second solo album A Mild Case of Everything, releasing its lead single, Ends of the Earth.

Set to be released on June 25, the forthcoming sonic offering will be the Killers founder's first solo material since the release of his 2019 debut album, Prismism.

Written throughout the course of 2020 and recorded in his home studio, the 16-track A Mild Case of Everything is said to be a blend of dynamic guitar riffs, ‘80s synth-pop sounds and melodic alt-rock motifs, with Keuning teasing that this was his chance to "play as much guitar as I want".

Don’t be fooled by Ends of the Earth’s relatively tame opening exchanges – the layered harmonies and chimey electric guitar stabs pick up intensity when the melodic drum parts and driving bass guitar lines are introduced, with a double-time tambourine shake and rapid-fire electronic arpeggiator upping the ante as the track finishes with a flourish.

Of the new track, Keuning commented, “I was just playing acoustic guitar one night and I had those chords. I actually played an electric guitar in Nashville tuning so it’s very trebly sounding. And it really brought out those chords. It came together pretty fast.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the guitar guru elaborates on the upcoming album, revealing, “Quite a few of these songs were shown to the Killers and, for whatever reason, not used.

“So, I used them,” he continues. “I just didn’t want to hold onto some of them any longer because I’m not getting any younger. I wanted to finish them.

“Some people commented that they wanted more guitar on my first record. I was like, ‘Alright, I’m happy to do that.’ I’m certainly not trying to follow any trends. And this is my chance to play as much guitar as I want.”

The Killers riff-meister, who announced he was taking an indefinite sabbatical from the rock outfit in 2017, recently teased that he was back in the studio with the band recording new material after missing out their 2020 LP Imploding The Mirage.

The track list for A Mild Case of Everything is as follows:

  1. From Stardust
  2. Ends of the Earth
  3. The Fountain
  4. Time and Fury
  5. Bad Instincts
  6. No One Is Calling You A Liar
  7. Hangman On The Ocean
  8. On The Ground
  9. Peace And Love
  10. Don't Poke The Bear
  11. We All Go Home
  12. What Do Ya Want From Me
  13. World's On Fire
  14. Lost Cause Holiday
  15. You Can Stay
  16. Shake Well

A Mild Case of Everything is available to preorder now from Keuning’s Bandcamp page.

Dave Keuning A Mild Case Of Everything

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