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Djent Mayer? Mark Holcomb busts out a PRS Silver Sky with Periphery

John Mayer’s Strat-esque Silver Sky ruffled a few feathers upon its launch last year, but most of those who have played the dreamy-eyed bluesman’s electric guitar have been won over - including, unlikely as it seems, Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb.

In a recent Instagram post, Holcomb revealed his “big four” for the djent pioneers’ tour in support of new album Periphery IV: Hail Stan, including Mayer’s model in Dodgem Blue, which Holcomb has been using for the song Lune - you can see him put those single coils through their paces in the fan-shot video up top.

Holcomb’s guitar choice is, in fact, very much in keeping with the band’s ethos - earlier this year, he told us, “What people might not realize is that even though we all have our own signature guitars, when we record we like to pass our guitars around quite a bit.

“I notice that when there’s videos online of me tracking with Misha’s guitar or Jake tracking with my guitar or me tracking with Jake’s guitar, someone will always be like, 'Wow, Jake doesn’t like his Ibanez!' Or, 'Mark doesn’t like his PRS!' It’s not that at all. It’s just about the momentum of the track, and deciding what guitar will get the best sound at that particular moment."

Other guitars in Holcomb’s current line-up include an exotic wood-topped Custom 24, Mark Holcomb SE and... hang on, a seven-string Mark Holcomb SE?!

Speculation is already rife that this extended-range version of the Periphery man’s model could be landing at NAMM in January, so keep your eyes peeled, folks...

Michael Astley-Brown

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