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Dunable Guitars raffles off EVH-themed Yeti model to support out-of-work tour crews

Dunable EVH Yeti
(Image credit: Dunable Guitars)

Dunable Guitars has revealed that it will be raffling off a one-of-a-kind prototype electric guitar in support of Roadie Relief, an ongoing relief fund that aims to support out-of-work tour crews throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The guitar – a 2016 Yeti model that’s been used as a paint tester in the Dunable workshop – is finished with red, white and black Frankenstrat-style striping – a tribute to late guitar icon Eddie Van Halen.

There are several cosmetic differences between the prototype and the company's current Yeti models, as the final decision on bevel construction had not yet been finalized at the time of its build.

In a Facebook post about the raffle, Sacha Dunable wrote: “I always wanted to try one of these paint jobs, and with EVH’s recent passing, I was inspired to finally give it a shot. The result isn’t perfect (as you can see in the photos), but it’s cool as hell.

“There are a ton of reasons why it wouldn’t make sense to sell this and keep the money, so we figured why not use this as an opportunity to help out the people in music (without whom our company would certainly not exist) while they are out of work indefinitely.”

Each ticket to the raffle is $25, and entrants can purchase as many as they wish. The draw takes place on November 8.

To enter, or to learn more, head to Dunable Guitars.

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