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Facebook to Launch Music Service

It already knows who your friends are, now Facebook is about to find what you're listening to (if you let it, of course.) It looks like the social networking giant will soon launch its long-rumored music service, which is expected to be formally announced later this month at the F8 conference in San Francisco.

While a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable that, "there’s nothing new to announce," the social media news site is also reporting that Spotify, MOG and Rdio have all signed on to partner with Facebook in its new music service.

It has long been known that Facebook never intended to host any of the music itself, and was actively pursuing partners for its music platform.

You can read more from Mashable's report here.

How do you feel about Facebook launching a music service? Does it make it easier for your to listen to music or will it just lead to people spending even more time on social networking sites? Tell us in the comments!