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Former Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz's Red Lamb Releases "The Cage" Music Video

Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz managed to release the self-titled debut album from his new band, Red Lamb, quieter than a church mouse this week. The album became available via iTunes a few days ago with little to no hype surrounding it.

The album was co-produced and partially co-written by Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine, who was originally supposed to be a full member of the project. Several fans have noted that a few songs sound vaguely Mustaine-ish, but we can't confirm (or deny) that the Megadeth guitarist actually appears on the album.

All of that said, it's still Dan Spitz and he's a thrash guitar legend, so without further ado, check out Red Lamb's new video for "The Cage" below.