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Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Steven Adler Announces New Band, Adler

When Slash mentioned a couple days back that he would be contributing guitars to Steven Adler's new album, many of us were left wondering whether he meant a Steve Adler solo album or Adler's Appetite, his longtime post-GNR band.

That's all been cleared up now, as Steven has announced a new band, simply called Adler.

Adler's lineup also features vocalist Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric), and former Adler's Appetite guitarist Lonny Paul.

"I haven't been this excited about my band since the GNR days," said Adler of his new band. "Jacob is exactly the singer I have been searching for. He has an amazing range and is a great writer and frontman. Lonny is an amazing guitarist and songwriter and the vibe is amazing!"

The band are currently in the studio working on their debut album, with producers Jeff Pilson and Jay Ruston overseeing the sessions.