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Free the Tone introduces intelligent pitch-shiftable short looper, the Motion Loop ML-1L

Free the Tone Motion Loop ML-1L
(Image credit: Free the Tone)

Free the Tone has introduced the Motion Loop ML-1L – a "revolutionary" short loop looper pedal that boasts a number of real-time processing effects, including pitch shift, delay and filter.

Promising a pedal packed with "unlimited potential", Free the Tone describes the ML-1L as a tool to be handled like a musical instrument, with a host effects that can be processed in real-time thanks to a dedicated DSP.

By continuously monitoring the input signal, and by incorporating both 32-bit fixed-point high-speed arithmetic and 32-bit floating high precision arithmetic processing, the Motion Loop is able to manipulate short loops in real time using a number pitch-shifting, delay and filtering effects.

These effects include a two-octave pitch shift, delay, filter, fade curve effect, reverse, soft clipping and slowdown. A Random effect also appears, which divides waveforms randomly to create totally unique short loops.

Free the Tone Motion Loop ML-1L

(Image credit: Free the Tone)

The pedal itself features two footswitches – On/Off and Preset – which engages the loop effect and allows you to switch between assigned presets. 

Elsewhere, a Rate knob adjusts the sampling duration for the loop operation and an E.Level knob controls the balance between the original sound and the effect level.

A final filter knob appears, which – like many of the other effects on offer – can be assigned to third party expression pedals and control knobs to enable a hands-on approach to your processing.

While this is all useful information, it's probably best to hear this intelligent pedal in action below to get a feel of what it can really offer.

A total of 128 user presets and 35 factory presets gives you scope for experimentation, and allows you to explore a number of seriously unique, totally configurable sounds.

The Free the Tone Motion Loop ML-1L lists for $350. Visit Free the Tone for more info.