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Get good and glitchy with Hologram Electronics’ Microcosm granular effect pedal and looper

(Image credit: Hologram Electronics)

Hologram Electronics has been behind some fairly radical effect pedals, including the Dream Sequence and the Infinite Jets resynthesizer.

Now the Knoxville, Tennessee-based maker has introduced the Microcosm, a granular and looper effect that allows users to “slice, stretch, rearrange and manipulate” their sound in a compact pedal with tons of versatility and features.

The beauty of the Microcosm is that it allows you to get all of your glitchy, granular goodness straight from a stompbox, without having to run through a DAW.

At the heart of the pedal are 11 unique effects (three micro loops, three granule, three glitch and two multi-delay) with four presets each, for a total of 44 preset variations.

Other features include a 60-second stereo phrase looper and 16 memory slots for storing loops and settings. 

Sounds can be further customized via built-in pitch modulation, stereo reverb and a resonant lowpass filter.

There’s also enhanced MIDI control, expression input, a “Hold” sampler function to freeze effects and patterns, tap tempo, stereo in/outs and a choice of true or buffered bypass with trails.

To get your glitch on, head over to Hologram Electronics, which will be shipping a limited number of Microcosm pedals for $449 beginning in April.