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GW live at NAMM 2020: See how Boss packed an entire amp into a set of headphones with the Waza-Air

NAMM 2020: Boss may have grabbed the attention of amplifier aficionados at this year's show with its Katana-Artist MkII, but did you know that - with its new Waza-Air - the company has also managed to somehow pack an entire amp into a set of headphones?

According to Boss, the Waza-Air wireless headphone set restores the natural dimension, resonance and 'moving air' feel of being face-to-face (or ear-to-speaker) with a real amp.

If you, like us, are asking 'how in the world?...' then you're in luck! We stopped by the Boss booth at the show to pose that very question, to which the company had concise, fascinating and super-informative answers.

Learn more about the innovative headphones above, and be sure to head to our NAMM hub for the latest news from the show.