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He will rock you: Italian guitarist rips Brian May riffs from his Rome balcony during coronavirus lockdown

With Italians continuing to live under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, balconies throughout the country have become the new concert stages, with citizens singing and creating music – or, in the case of Enrico Monti, blasting out a few electric guitar riffs from Slayer’s Raining Blood – while quarantined in their homes.

Perhaps taking inspiration from Monti, Marco G. Di Marco, who posts on YouTube under the handle Brian May Tribute, has uploaded a video of himself, armed with a Red Special guitar, ripping through Brian May’s iconic solo from Queen’s We Will Rock You from his balcony in Rome.

And while Di Marco appears to have nailed that warm, Vox AC30 May tone, he reveals in the comments that his sound was actually achieved via a Vox MV50 AC mini-amp at half volume, played through a 1x12 cab. 

“It was so loud!” he says - but the neighbors certainly didn't seem to mind, judging from the round of applause at the end of his performance.