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Ibanez’s new headless basses will blow your top

(Image credit: Ibanez)

Ibanez has unveiled the new Bass Workshop EHB1000 series, which the company is calling a “next-generation” range of basses.

The new models offer an ergonomic design with a deep cutaway, original hardware and a versatile three-band EQ with variable midrange. Oh, yeah - they're also headless.

The series boasts three models - the EHB1000, EHB1005 and EHB1005MS (multi-scale) - featuring chambered American Basswood bodies, five-piece Roasted Maple/Purpleheart necks and Birdseye Maple fingerboards.

There’s also a pair of passive Bartolini BH2 pickups, an MR5HS mono rail bridge with string spacing adjustable saddles and a detachable finger ramp.

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EHB1000 white

EHB1000 white (Image credit: Ibanez)
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EHB1005MS black flat

EHB1005MS black flat (Image credit: Ibanez)
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EHB1005 black

EHB1005 black (Image credit: Ibanez)

The EHB1000s are offered in four- and five-string iterations, with color options including black (EHB1005), black flat and sea foam green matte (EHB1005MS) and white (EHB1000). 

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