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JackSavior’s new guitar cable promises to “save the world from jack failure”

Netherlands-based audio product company JackSavior has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its newly-developed Black Edition guitar cable.

The company advertises the offering, which is designed with the wires connected inside its plug, as 10 times stronger than a typical audio jack.

The Black Edition boasts a 10-foot braided cable with a 1/4-inch JackSavior black-nickel-plated plug, the latter providing optimal signal transfer and, just as important, a rather cool look.

JackSavior guitar cable

The JackSavior compared with a regular guitar cable (Image credit: JackSavior)

Furthermore, JackSavior promises the plug’s smaller and more flexible design will prevent it from breaking the output jack of an amp or instrument.

JackSavior's Kickstarter for the Black Edition cable has already surpassed its pledge goal. To learn more, head over to JackSavior