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Johnny Marr has been demonstrating how to play Smiths classics on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic

(Image credit: Joby Sessions/Guitarist Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

Apparently, Brian May isn’t the only British guitar legend spending his quarantine time demonstrating how to play his famous songs.

Recently, former Smiths electric guitar player Johnny Marr jumped into the riff-teaching game as well, posting an Instagram video in which he implored fans to “leave your questions or requests in the comments section and I’ll respond via my stories over the coming weeks.”

As Marr says in the video, “If you’ve got any questions that maybe haven’t been asked before, or you want to know where I’m at or what books I’m reading or anything like that, I can’t promise it’ll be earth-shatteringly fascinating, but I’ll do my best.” 

By popular demand. #johnnyfuckinmarr #cooloutbigstyle Johnny Marr

A photo posted by @johnnymarrgram on Apr 8, 2020 at 8:09am PDT

“Hopefully we’ll have a little bit of fun, maybe play a couple of riffs here or there.”

And play a couple of riffs Marr has.

So far, fans have requested, and Marr and his Fender Jaguar have demonstrated, three Smiths songs: Girl Afraid, Nowhere Fast and the classic Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.

And Marr plans on keeping them coming.

“Don’t be shy,” he says, “and I’ll try my best to be entertaining.”

Recently, Kiss’ Paul Stanley began demonstrating Kiss riffs, including Love Gun and Got to Choose, from his LA home.