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Laurens Houvast delivers a six-string thrash-metal onslaught with this playthrough of Cryptosis's Conjuring the Egoist

With an unrelenting barrage of furious electric guitar riffs and more energy than most mortals can withstand in one sitting, Cryptosis's debut album Bionic Swarm is a masterclass in all things metal.

Rooted in thrash, but with prog stylings laden throughout, the album sees the Dutch trio explore both traditional band-style arrangements, as well as electronic-flavored soundscapes, too.

Frontman Laurens Houvast joins Guitar World today for a full playthrough of the album's seventh track Conjuring the Egoist. Its vast, technical arrangement provides ample opportunity for Houvast to display his six-string chops. 

From a guitarist's perspective, it's got it all: thrashy, rapid fire riffs, endlessly catchy grooves, fiery alternate picking lines and loads more.

His weapon of choice for this onslaught is an ESP LTD EX-400 electric guitar, which runs through an ENGL Ritchie Blackmore 100W guitar amp.

Conjuring the Egoist is among the more progressive and melodic songs on the album,” Houvast says. “It's also one of the hardest songs for me to play, especially when combining the guitar and vocal parts. This song took the most time to write of all songs on Bionic Swarm.”

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