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Mesa/Boogie debuts the TT-800, a two-channel tube-driven bass amp powerhouse

Mesa/Boogie has announced the TT-800, the newest addition to its Subway Series of bass amps and cabs.

The compact unit features an all-new tube-driven preamp that powers two channels in a dual mono configuration – Boogie, which captures the tone stack architecture of Mesa’s classic Bass 400+, and the more modern Subway, which features “enhanced tightness in the low end, accurate punchy mids and crystal clean highs.”

Both channels feed an 800-Watt Class D power section.

There’s also a patch-point style independent effects loop, Deep and Bright switches for added tone-shaping, a global Gain switch for custom configurations of attack and headroom characteristics and Low and High settings. Additionally, a new OD (Overdrive) Symmetry feature controls the tightness or looseness of the harmonic spread.

(Image credit: Mesa Boogie)

There's also a wide range of jacks, including headphone, optional footswitch, tuner out, aux in for rehearsing with MP3s or other sources, inputs for sending pre EQ and post EQ signals and more.

The TT-800 is available soon for $1,099 - for more information, head to Mesa/Boogie.