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Misha Mansoor to release 10-album collection documenting his pre-Periphery solo project, Bulb

(Image credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva)

Beyond spending his quarantine time recording a major-key version of Stairway to Heaven, electric guitar player Misha Mansoor has been digging into his crates to compile a 10-album collection of music documenting his pre-Periphery solo project, Bulb.

For those not up on their Periphery history, Bulb was Mansoor’s online moniker back when he would share demos and playthroughs via fan forums, prior to his band’s rise to fame. In the years since, Bulb has become both Mansoor’s nickname as well as a reference to his solo work.

Said Mansoor, “Diving back into the Bulb archives is something that I’ve wanted to do for years. As I began working on what will be a new Bulb album I was reminded of this vast library of unreleased music, music that has only been previously available by seeking out bits and pieces on various forums and media channels.

(Image credit: 3DOT Recordings)

“Presenting it in a context that both echoes my original intent with the songs grouped from the time period they were recorded in as well as making it easier for fans to find and enjoy was the driving motivation behind completing this massive undertaking.”

The 110-song, digitally released collection will be released over the next four months, with the first offering, Archives: Volume 8, arriving June 12 via 3DOT Recordings.

The 10 albums will be released bi-weekly in descending order, with the most recent of the Bulb archival material arriving first and subsequent releases leading back to the origin of the project.

For more information, head to 3DOT Recordings.