MOD Audio promises a “universe of reverbs at your feet” with its new Convolution reverb plugin – equipped with 15-second IR processing

MOD Audio Dwarf
(Image credit: MOD Audio)

MOD Audio has rolled out an all-new suite of reverb plugins that range from the classics to the bespoke, with onboard processing tech offering players the chance to add some truly epic ambience to their electric guitar sound via impulse responses over 15 seconds long.

Now, this is 2023, and we have become used to the reverb pedal’s advanced evolution. But this could be something different, in which an endless procession of reverbs can be cataloged digitally and manipulated on the MOD Audio tech. 

The MOD Convolution Reverbs can be stored, edited and launched on MOD Audio’s Dwarf unit – a hardware guitar amp and multi-effects processor that can be configured in all manner of ways, with players creating custom virtual pedalboards of MOD plugins that can be easily switched around on the fly. 

The idea is that you spec up different rigs, load them up to the MOD Audio Dwarf, and that’s you read to go in the studio or onstage. Use the accompanying software to make deep edits and organise your various assets from the MOD Audio plugins ecosystem.

The reverbs are created using a powerful convolution engine that allows you to “reproduce massive real spaces with immersive stereo imaging.” While we are always excited about the opportunity to access a wide variety of classic sounds – the hall, plate, shimmer, church and so on that form the basis of our ambient sonic vocabulary – it is the prospect of creating signature reverbs that make this MOD Audio offering so potentially revolutionary.

No-one in the world of standalone guitar effects pedals is offering a 15-second Impulse Response processing engine, says MOD Audio. 

Those who own a MOD Audio device will receive the MOD Convolution Reverb plugin free, and will find 33 reverb sounds created from IR capture of classic gear in various environments. They will also have the Convolution Loader plugin which lets players upload their own IRs.

MOD Audio Dwarf

(Image credit: MOD Audio)

There are also 12 new plugins available for purchase, with MOD Audio and DoGood Sound teamed up for a collection of reverbs that comprise over 300 IRs, once again sampled from a variety of units in various locations. 

Once you have uploaded your reverbs, you can then apply a number of modifications to them, such as gated effects so that they react to your playing, extended trails for extra dreaminess, ‘rhythmic motion’ (which could mean dance but more likely to be modulation), and a variety of dynamic resonant filters.

MOD Audio has also put together a number of virtual reverb pedalboards that users can upload to their device and use straight away, with sounds ranging from the shimmering Shiroverb to other off-piste sounds. Such is the digital architecture of the MOD Audio system, more reverbs can be added as they come available.

For more details, head over to MOD Audio.

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