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NAMM 2019: Ibanez Unveils 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Tube Screamer

NAMM 2019: Ibanez’s iconic TS808 Tube Screamer is hitting its 40th anniversary this year, and in celebration of this milestone the company has unveiled a limited edition version of the pedal in a sparkling Ruby Red finish.

Otherwise, the classic stompbox is remaining intact, both in its fully-analog circuitry and familiar three-knob Overdrive/Tone/Level layout. List price for the 40th anniversary pedal is $285.70.

Ibanez has also, however, introduced a new Tube Screamer, the TSV808, which was developed in collaboration with Vemuram, a high-end Japan-based boutique pedal manufacturer. The new offering merges the Tube Screamer with the Vemuram’s flagship pedal, the Jan Ray.

According to Ibanez, this "'Next Generation Tube Screamer’ has the TS808's signature mid-boost, but also the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the Jan Ray, yielding a sound that is entirely new."

The TSV808 boasts Drive, Tone and Level knobs in a format similar to the TS808, with a maximum volume is set 7db higher than the original Tube Screamer.

For more information, head over to Ibanez.