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NAMM 2020: BluGuitar introduces the AMP X - a collection of the best tube amps of all time in a single device

(Image credit: BluGuitar)

NAMM 2020: Launched in 2014 by German guitarist Thomas Blug, the BluGuitar brand has been behind some truly innovative preamps and speaker emulators. The all-new AMP X combines an all-analog circuit, a 100-watt Nanotube power tube, onboard analog effects including compressor, boost, overdrive, fuzz, tremolo and stereo digital effects like chorus, phaser, flanger, univibe, delay and reverb into one fully programmable, intuitive unit. 

It’s the culmination of Blug’s four decades working as a sound designer, incorporating the Neural Analog Nanotube Amp design which he describes as a “virtual soldering iron” to edit and save analog circuit parameters at a component level, with enough power and flexibility to dial in just about any tone imaginable through one lightweight, pedal-sized box.

The AMP X will also be supported by an online library of highly collectable and sought-after amps, effects and cabinets. Whether it’s ultra rare classic vintage combos or discontinued high gain metal monsters you’re after, the AMP X will help recreate pretty much any guitar tone out there. 

And while that might sound like a bit like diving in the deep-end, the controls are incredibly straightforward and user-friendly, with a second panel hidden under an aluminum flap.

It also carries tones from BluGuitar’s highly revered AMP1TM Mercury and Iridium Editions, and offers a Dynamic IRTM stereo speaker emulation/recording output and total flexibility in terms of inputs and outputs. Which means - whether you’re working in the studio or on the stage - you’re covered on every front.

For more information, head to BluGuitar