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NAMM 2020: Jerry Cantrell endorses Gibson

(Image credit: Scott Dachroeden)

NAMM 2020: Last week, we mulled about the possibility of Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X joining the Gibson family. Even though that hasn't officially come to fruition (yet), that doesn't mean Gibson went through NAMM without landing a major endorsement.

As of today, Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell officially considers himself a Gibson man.

“I’m very happy to announce that I am officially joining the Gibson family,” Cantrell said in a statement. “I’m hugely looking forward to what we can create together in the future.”

“Bringing Jerry to the Gibson to family is a dream come true," added Gibson Chief Merchant Officer Cesar Gueikian. "He is one of the riff lord heroes that personally influenced and inspired me to play guitar. It’s a privilege to have such an icon become one of our ambassadors. He continues to shape sound in a way that is unique to his artistry. 

"Together we will be a on quest to make music matter more than ever.”

Though he has played Les Pauls throughout his career, Cantrell is most associated with his signature G&L Rampage models, making this an especially huge endorsement for the guitar giant.

Though no model announcements came with the news of Cantrell's endorsement, we can only imagine what sorts of guitars the two will end up collaborating on...