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NAMM 2020 video: Check out the all-in-one Torpedo Captor X by Two Notes Audio Engineering

NAMM 2020: Two Notes recently unveiled the Torpedo Captor X, an all-in-one reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, cab simulator, IR loader and stereo expander built for home, studio and live use. Essentially, a single solution to many of your problems as an audio aficionado.

A featured headphone output enables the user to enjoy the tonal sweet spot of their cranked tube amp in outer-world silence, offering a truly immersive experience.

For ease of use, the Torpedo Captor X can also pair with a user's phone, tablet, computer or MIDI controller.

We paid a visit to the Two Notes booth at NAMM to see this audio Swiss Army knife in person.

For more information, head to Two Notes Audio Engineering.