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Neunaber updates Wet Reverb, Seraphim Shimmer and Echelon Echo pedals with selectable algorithms

Neunaber has updated its Wet Reverb, Seraphim Shimmer and Echelon Echo pedals
(Image credit: Neunaber)

Neunaber has introduced updated versions of three of its studio-quality modulation pedals, the Wet Reverb, Seraphim Shimmer and Echelon Echo.

The reimagined stompboxes boast two selectable algorithms per effect pedal, top mounted jacks and more, with streamlined controls and configuration.

First up is the Wet Reverb v5, which now features the classic “Wet” effect from the previous-version as well as a new W3T reverb from the Immerse Mk II and plugin. The Seraphim Shimmer v2, meanwhile, offers two reverbs and two shimmers, with a choice between the original shimmer algorithm or the new shimmer based on the Immense Mk II’s W3T reverb.

Finally, the Echelon Echo v2 features two effects in one pedal: Hi-Fi Tape Echo (from the Echelon v1), which simulates the high-frequency saturation of a magnetic tape and is modulated for added richness and color; and the new Lo-Fi Delay, which simulates the reduced bit depth of a vintage digital delay.

All three pedals are offered at a limited-time introductory price of $149. For more information, head to Neunaber.