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New Warwick & Framus Facebook Sweepstakes

Warwick & Framus announced that starting October 1st, 2012 they will be giving away an original Framus Vintage Hollywood Doublecut guitar which was made in Korea. You can win this guitar by entering in a sweepstakes on the company's Facebook page.

The original Framus Vintage Hollywood Doublecut guitar comes with Framus Vintage singlecoil pickups, a Framus Vintage bridge with Framus Vintage tailpiece, Framus Vintage machine heads, Rosewood fingerboard, and passive MEC electronics. A White Cream high polish finish completes the instrument.

If you want to participate, simply click the cover image on their Facebook page and follow the link. After you’ve clicked the “Like” button, you can submit your name and e-mail address. And then: keep your fingers crossed!

The winner will be drawn out of all participants, by means of a drawing lots procedure, on October 31st 2012.