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“Pro tip: play triangles!” Watch Primus’s Ler LaLonde offer a madcap masterclass in Gibson’s latest Riff Lords video

Gibson has published the latest video in its Riff Lords series, this time featuring Primus guitarist Ler LaLonde.

In the video, LaLonde talks us through some of his most celebrated licks and tones, including Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers, Groundhog's Day and the South Park Theme Song

There’s a lot for fans of LaLonde’s weird and wonderful approach to the six-string to pick over, from the appearance of the green Flying V on which he wrote the South Park theme, through to the siren-like sounds at the opening of Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers – reportedly one of the top FAQs he gets from other players.

There’s also a line-up of fine Gibson eye-candy and a few career tidbits, like the ‘triangle exercises’ he learned from Joe Satriani, which fed into The Heckler’s crazy arpeggios. 

“Years ago, Joe Satriani had given me a million exercises that have saved my life over time… though Joe would be appalled if he heard me play it like that,” jokes LaLonde.

“The great thing is you hit almost every note there is, so no matter key you’re in, you’re gonna be in key for half of the solo. It goes by so fast that people will forget. So, pro tip: play triangles and… something will happen!”

LaLonde has been back on the road with Primus recently as part of a Rush tribute tour in which the band are performing the entirety of the Canadian prog gods' classic Farewell to Kings

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