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Red Witch releases Binary Star "celestial time modulator" pedal

Red Witch has released the new Binary Star effects pedal, a "celestial time modulator" that offers up a number of analog-flavored delays and modulations.

From subtle chorus to insane pitch shifting, Red Witch's latest effects pedal vows to bring immeasurable versatility and tonal flexibility to your pedalboard thanks to its wide range of tonal offerings.

Analog-flavored sounds appear in the form of straightforward delays – slapback and long repeats – as well as other modulation effects, including chorus, vibrato, and pitch-shifting.

Adjustments can be made through universe, replicate, mix, velocity and depth knobs, which work alongside two additional switches that throw even more sonic options into the mix.

Dialing up the velocity will give you a cascading effect, while rolling it back in favor of more depth will give you a deep shimmering sound. Universe and replicate controls set the delay time and determine the number of repeats, while the mix knob allows you to curate your own concoction of the dry and wet signals.

The toggle switch on the left allows you to easily increase or decrease overall delay time, while the right hand toggle switch flicks between warm and bright tonal variations.

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Red Witch Binary Star

(Image credit: Red Witch)
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Red Witch Binary Star

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Red Witch Binary Star

(Image credit: Red Witch)

As an added feature, the Binary Star can also be used in mono or stereo mode – the latter lets you split the wet and dry signals into two outputs, which can be run through separate amps.

Red Witch owner Ben Fulton – who hand signs and numbers each Binary Star pedal – says this is "the best sounding delay we've released, hands down. This pedal offers all the things you'd expect from a great delay unit – but there's so much more to what it can do."

The Red Witch Binary Star is available now for $249.

Head over to Red Witch for more info.