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Reverend Guitars teams a pair of P-90s with a humbucker in new "first of its kind" Six Gun HPP

Reverend Guitars SGHPP
(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)

Reverend Guitars has introduced its new Six Gun HPP electric guitar – a "first of its kind" model that pairs a bridge humbucker with a pair of P-90s in an attempt to unlock a whole host of new tonal possibilities.

While Reverend has experimented with pairing the two types of pickups before, it's the first time it's brought a second P-90 to the party.

The custom-designed humbucker is said to have tons of gowl, while the propriety P-90s are designed to deliver clear, open tones. The pickups are wired to a five-way switch that allows guitarists to mix and match the three to achieve their desired sound.

A bass-contour control knob – capped by custom dome knobs which feature a low profile to avoid accidental collision while picking and/or strumming – has also been added to the circuitry in a bid to encourage guitarists to get creative with their tone.

As is customary for all Reverend guitars, the Six Gun HPP features a korina body, roasted maple neck and either a pau ferro or roasted maple fretboard, depending on what finish you opt for.

While the Chronic Blue and Coffee Burst models come equipped with a pau ferro fingerboard, the Avocado Burst and Midnight Black options feature a roasted maple one. Both boards have a 12" radius and each guitar has a 25.5" scale length.

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Reverend SGHPP Midnight Black

Reverend Six Gun HPP in Midnight Black (Image credit: Reverend Guitars)
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Reverend SGHPP Chronic Blue

Reverend Six Gun HPP in Chronic Blue (Image credit: Reverend Guitars)
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Reverend SGHPP Avocado Burst

Reverend Six Gun HPP in Avocado Burst (Image credit: Reverend Guitars)
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Reverend SGHPP Coffee Burst

Reverend Six Gun HPP in Coffee Burst (Image credit: Reverend Guitars)

Also returning to the fold is a familiar Bonetite nut, Pin-Lock tuners, a dual action truss rod, a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo and – as a nice personal touch – a hand-initialed serial number on the back of the headstock, added by Reverend guitar inspectors.

The new guitars are available now for £879 (approx. $1,200). Visit Reverend Guitars for more info.

The Six Gun HPP has been released alongside the new Reverend Gil Parris signature, which represented the first time a Strat-style body shape had been used for one of Reverend's guitars.