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Rob Scallon launches mission-based learning platform, GuitarQuest

Rob Scallon GuitarQuest
(Image credit: Rob Scallon)

YouTuber and social-media axe-slinger Rob Scallon has teamed up with learning platform Guitareo to launch his own “unique and unexpected” guitar course, GuitarQuest.

Deviating from the conventional classroom-style lesson structure, Scallon – who has amassed over two million followers on his YouTube channel – adopts a mission-based learning approach that promises to have you “playing songs faster”.

GuitarQuest boasts nine missions in total that seek to get you playing quickly on both the electric guitar and acoustic guitar, including Song in an Hour, The Jam Session, Campfire Chords, The Punk Show and Play Anything. 

It also contains a handful of sections catered to the aspiring performing guitarist, including Music Video Shoot and The Recording Studio, which hope to get you thinking on your feet.

Other key features include step-by-step videos, 24/7 online access to the course, personalized feedback from real teachers and 11 exclusive songs from a range of genres.

From holding and restringing the guitar to playing scales and chords, GuitarQuest hopes to provide aspiring guitarists with the tools they need to get their guitar journey up and running.

Said Scallon, “Music is a language – and just like you didn’t start talking by understanding prepositions and nouns, you shouldn’t learn guitar by endlessly studying theory. Instead, let’s just start playing.

“GuitarQuest isn’t an all-in-one guide, it’s not a step-by-step curriculum. It’s hardly even guitar lessons! You’ll start with a mission: There’s a concert going on right now but the guitarist didn’t show. And they’re turning to you. Just learn these chords…“

“You’ll gain momentum that keeps you hooked and falling more and more in love with the guitar,” he continued. “You’ll have the freedom to take your guitar journey anywhere you want – playing songs, jamming with your friends and writing your own music.”

GuitarQuest is available now, with the first lesson free for first-time users. The whole course is currently available for $119, and is available for life once purchased.

For more information, head over to GuitarQuest.