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Save big on 3 tonesome MXR overdrive and distortion pedals, now starting at just $39 each

MXR overdrive and distortion pedals
(Image credit: MXR)

MXR really knows its stuff when it comes to overdrive and distortion pedals, so it’s great to see three of the company’s stompboxes available for insanely low prices this Prime Day.

Over at Guitar Center, you can grab the Classic Overdrive and Classic Distortion for a mere $39 each, while the Prime Distortion is also available for just $49.

The Classic Overdrive is no-messin’ overdrive pedal, which retains your guitar’s core tone while adding sustain and gain.

Upping the ante is the Classic Distortion, which aims to span tones from overdrive right up to amp-style distortion.

Finally, the Prime Distortion delivers nothin’ but hard-clipping distortion sounds, worthy of classic ’80s dirt sounds.

Whichever one you go for, the MXR brand practically guarantees great tone at ridiculously affordable prices.

Head on over to Guitar Center to grab ’em, and be sure to visit our guide to the best Prime Day 2020 guitar deals for more top offers.

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