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Sheptone aims to reproduce vintage P-Bass tones with new Miles Bass Pickup

Sheptone Miles bass pickup
(Image credit: Sheptone)

Sheptone has announced its latest single-coil bass pickup, the Miles.

Designed to “accurately reproduce the tone of the milestone Fender 1951 Precision Bass”, the Miles is constructed of vintage-accurate fiberboard flatwork, Alnico 5 magnets and scatterwound 42 AWG plain enamel wire.

Says Sheptone: “The single-coil design of the Miles bass pickup has a dynamic response that delivers classic, smooth sound with a fat, yet tight, low-end. By simply rolling back the tone, players can walk right into a classic upright bass riff. This is vintage bass tone at its finest.”

It continues: “While the classic P Bass served as the true-vintage inspiration for the Miles bass pickup, a special cause is the true heart and soul of the design. The son of Nashville bassist Steve Cook, 4-year-old Miles, was diagnosed with hearing loss and recently received life-changing cochlear implants. 

“Miles and the Cook family are staying the course and overcoming obstacles on their journey, and Sheptone wants to help others do the same.” 

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the pickup will be donated to further enhance research and education in hearing loss.

The Miles bass pickup is available now for $109. For more information, head over to Sheptone.

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