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Strymon launches Compadre dual voice compressor and boost pedal

After discontinuing its much-loved OB.1 last month, Strymon spent a few weeks in the compressor pedal wilderness, but with the launch of the Compadre, it has a new main squeeze.

The Compadre combines “studio-quality” analog compression with an onboard boost circuit, hence the ‘dual voice compressor and boost’ subtitle.

There’s a choice of Studio and Squeeze compressor voices for more transparent or vintage sounds, while the boost can be tailored to add clean boost or soft-clipping, with treble, mid or flat EQ.

As is an essential in modern compressor designs, there’s a dry knob to blend in your clean signal, too.

Strymon Compadre dual voice compressor and boost pedal

(Image credit: Strymon)

Other features include the ability to hook up an external expression pedal, optional Strymon MiniSwitch or MultiSwitch Plus control, and MIDI compatibility.

Of course, the pedal doesn’t feature the OB.1’s optical design - as a shortage of these elements was what led to the demise of the Compadre’s predecessor - but the additional compressor options and dry control should make up for it here.

The Compadre guitar pedal is available now for $299 - head over to Strymon for more info.

Michael Astley-Brown

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