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Subaru Replaces Car's Accelerator Pedal with Cry Baby Wah Pedal

To be honest, I tried to explain this recently shot video (November 2015) in a more traditional, "here's what's happening" fashion. But, upon further review, it's probably best to simply provide the text from the original post on YouTube:

"See what happens when we [Subaru Australia] replace a [Subaru] WRX accelerator pedal with a legendary 'wah' guitar effect pedal, then invite gun-guitarist Harts to play fast and loud."

Yeah, that sort of sums it up. You'll just have to watch the brief clip to see what happens.

Along the way, you'll meet a young guitarist named Harts (what, exactly, is a "gun guitarist"?), who plays the hell out of his Strat in the back seat of a new Subaru WRX. And, in case you're wondering, the wah pedal in question is a modified Jim Dunlop Crybaby.