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TC Electronic downsizes its Skysurfer reverb pedal – meet the Skysurfer Mini

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini
(Image credit: TC Electronic )

TC Electronic has announced the Skysurfer Mini, a downsized version of its Skysurfer reverb pedal.

A “premium, yet affordable, reverb solution”, the unit boasts three studio-grade reverb voices – Spring, Plate and Hall – switchable via a three-way toggle on its front face.

Spring aims to recreate the “drip and splash” of spring reverbs found in vintage tube amps, Plate mimics classic studio reverbs and Hall covers sounds from “earthy and organic to full-on interstellar spaceflight”.

Along with its Reverb level and Mix knobs, the Skysurfer Mini also boasts a Tone pot, which allows players to tailor the reverb's decay to suit the pedal's input.

Other features include top-mounted jacks – which allow for flush pedalboard mounting – and true bypass switching.

Painting a rather vivid sonic picture of what the pedal is capable of, TC Electronic invites players to “skim effortlessly across a deep-blue, churning ocean; swim in a cavernous grotto; or soar through the ambient spray of the surf...”

For more information on the Skysurfer Mini, head to TC Electronic.

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TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini

(Image credit: TC Electronic)
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TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

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