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There's much more to the Wingman FX Danger Zone pedal than its amazing graphics

The first thing to jump out at you about the Wingman FX Danger Zone pedal will likely be its graphics. I mean, come on - how can you not love that artwork? With its arcade-ready controls, the Danger Zone conjures nostalgia in the best, purest possible way.

There's much more to this analog tremolo/phaser pedal though, than its awesome design.

Wingman FX's first ever pedal, the Danger Zone is a cinch to use, and can produce everything from jet-fueled lead tones to more subtle sounds that can give more rhythm-heavy runs a nice extra kick.

See our Tech Editor, Paul Riario, explore all the colorful pedal has to offer in the demo above.

For more info, step right on over to Wingman FX.