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Upgrade your home studio for less with these cut price JBL 305P studio monitors

Upgrade your home studio for less with these cut price JBL 305P studio monitors
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A good set of studio monitors is an essential purchase when recording guitars, but it can be hard to find quality at the entry-level end of the scale. That’s why we love the JBL 305P on account of their superb balanced sounds, and the fact these powered monitors are available at the super low price of $99.99 each this Black Friday.

For a shade under $100, you can pick up a single JBL 305P at Guitar Center, knocking a third off their usual price and costing you just $199.98 per pair.


JBL 305P studio monitors: Was $149, now $99 each
When recording guitars, you need your mixes to sound as accurate as possible. These JBL 305P studio monitors will elevate your tone and, at just $99 each from Guitar Center this Black Friday, we’d even recommend doubling up for killer stereo sound!

Studio monitors are your best friend when it comes to recording guitars, allowing you to hear – in full – exactly what you’ve recorded. By using studio monitors over, say, headphones, you can hear how a sound works at volume and across every frequency, something not always possible when using cans. The JBL 305P studio monitors offer balanced, accurate sounds so you can mix and master with confidence. 

The 5” woofer ensures amp sim users will be able to pick up those sweet bass frequencies, while 82 watts of Class D amplification means they can go louder than you’ll realistically need. Connectivity is taken care of by both XLR and balanced ¼” jack inputs, and there’s even a switch to trim those ultra-high frequencies. All told, the JBL 305P studio monitors are an outstanding option for recording guitars at home. 

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