Black Friday guitar deals 2022: these deals are still live – save on all things guitar, amps, pedals and more

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: Today's best deals on all things guitar, amps, pedals and more
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Black Friday might be over, but the Black Friday guitar deals certainly aren't! So, if you're in the market for a tasty guitar-related discount, you still have time to bag a bargain before it's too late, or at least until the Cyber Monday guitar deals roll around.

Best Black Friday guitar deals 2022

As you'd expect, every music retailer gets in on the Black Friday action, and many of the have kept their sales live beyond the day itself. In our opinion, your best bet is Sweetwater's official Black Friday sale, which sees 80% off everything from guitars and amps, to pedals and accessories right through to November 27.

Elsewhere, you'll find up to 50% off in Musician's Friend Black Friday sale, and 15% off at Guitar Center when you spend over $199 on qualifying gear

This year has been one of the best in recent memory, with hundreds of dollars slashed off big-name brands and some of the best prices of the year – so, whatever you're looking for, you should be able to find it at a discount. From enticing offers on electric guitars and eye-watering discounts on acoustic guitars to budget-friendly pedal deals and even outstanding bass guitar prices – there really is something for everyone.

Black Friday guitar deals: Quick links

Black Friday deals: Top deals

Select Behringer pedals: only $14 each at Sweetwater

Select Behringer pedals: only $14 each at Sweetwater
While supplies last, you can get your hands on a selection of Behringer guitar pedals – the SF300 Super Fuzz, TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive, EQ700 Graphic Equalizer, VD400 Vintage Delay and UO300 Ultra Octaver – for just $14 apiece in this mouth-watering Black Friday deal at Sweetwater. 

AmpliTube 5 Max: $599,

AmpliTube 5 Max: $599, $99 at Guitar Center
This comprehensive suite of guitar amps and effects has had $500 slashed off its price tag at Guitar Center. Snagging AmpliTube 5 Max for $99 isn't just one of the best guitar plugin deals of Black Friday; it's one of the best guitar plugin deals full stop.

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749,

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749, $659 at Amazon
As one of the world’s most popular gigging guitar amps, the Fender Blues Junior is rarely discounted, so to find $90 off at Amazon is an exceptional deal indeed. This portable tube combo is easy to use, makes for a perfect pedal platform and sounds killer at live volume levels.

Positive Grid Spark Mini: 25% off with MINIBF30

Positive Grid Spark Mini: 25% off with MINIBF30
The Spark Mini has been a runaway success, and it's easy to see why. This clever little amp gives players all the features they loved about the original but in a smaller, even more practical format - and right now you can save $30 with code MINIBF30.  

Boss Katana-100/212 MkII: $564.99

Boss Katana-100/212 MkII: $564.99, $449.99
Probably the most popular practice amp in the world, we love the Boss Katana series for its versatility of tone and usability in any situation, whether you’re practicing at home, recording in the studio, or playing a live show. With this super deal at Guitar Center, you can get this brilliant 2x12 combo amplifier with $115 knocked off the price.

Fender Player Strat, Black: $849

Fender Player Strat, Black: $849, now $729
This one will appeal to fans of David Gilmour. There aren't too many Stratocaster spec combos more iconic than a black body and pickguard with a maple fingerboard, and thanks to this tasty Guitar Center deal you can harness that classic Gilmour vibe and those sought-after Strat sounds for $120 cheaper than usual.

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional: $599

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional: $599, $499
Punching well above its weight when it comes to price versus spec, this Epiphone ES-335 gives you a much-hallowed guitar sound, now with a healthy $100 knocked off the regular price. Alnico V delivers extra oomph whilst the 5-ply Maple semi-hollow construction gives you an incredible playing experience.

Gretsch G5427T with Bigsby: was $899.99

Gretsch G5427T with Bigsby: was $899.99, $729.99
If you’re after that big-body sound then this awesome deal is sure to get your heart racing. Now with an amazing $170 off, the Gretsch G5427T features powerful FIlter’Tron pickups, a laminated flame maple top, plus a Bigsby B60 for adding warble and shimmer to your guitar work. 

Yamaha F335 acoustic: was $169

Yamaha F335 acoustic: was $169, now $149
This wallet-friendly acoustic offers the feel, tone and classic looks of a dreadnought, and is therefore a must-buy for beginner acoustic guitarists. Get yours today for only $149.

Black Friday guitar deals: Electric guitar deals

Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH: $459,

Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH: $459, $344
One of the most radical Tele designs in the Fender catalog, the Contemporary Telecaster RH features a neck humbucker teamed with a rail humbucker for big modern tones, while the 12” fingerboard radius is tailored for soloing.

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH: $489

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH: $489 $367
Squier’s Active Jazzmaster HH isn’t far off an affordable Jim Root signature model, packing a streamlined control set and a pair of active humbuckers – not to mention two dazzling finishes, Shell Pink Pearl and Sunset Metallic.

Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST: $489

Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST: $489 $367
The Contemporary Jaguar takes the classic offset silhouette to the extreme, offering a pair of SQR Atomic humbuckers, along with with coil-split and series/parallel switching options. All in all, it makes this short-scale model the most tonally flexible in the Contemporary Series lineup.

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special: $459

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special: $459 $344
With its trio of single coils carefully positioned to provide a distinctive set of tones – not to mention optimal space for picking – the Contemporary Stratocaster Special is a singular take on Fender’s most famous format. A hardtail version, the Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT, is available for the same price.

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR: $489

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR: $489 $367
A SuperStrat if ever we saw one, the Stratocaster HH FR deploys a pair of Squier Atomic humbuckers for chunky rock tones, with coil-split positions in the second and fourth selector spots. And, of course, the Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo is on hand to tackle the wildest divebombs you can throw at it.

Squier Contemporary Active Starcaster: $479

Squier Contemporary Active Starcaster: $479 $359
With a sealed semi-hollow design and two Squier SQR active ceramic humbuckers, this is a Starcaster for players of a heavier persuasion, and in Gunmetal Metallic and Shoreline Gold it looks the part, too.

Squier Contemporary Active Precision Bass PH: $499

Squier Contemporary Active Precision Bass PH: $499 $374
Thanks to its active split single coil and humbucker pickups, this is one of the most versatile P-Basses you can buy for under $500, and with a roasted maple neck and sculpted heel, it plays above its price tag, too. You can get also get the five-string for $397.49, down from $529.99.

Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH: $499

Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH: $499 $374
The Contemporary Active has the Jazz Bass look, but with a fresh active pickup edge. A Fender-designed active 9V preamp is onboard, packing controls for volume, pickup blend, traditional tone and stacked boost controls for bass and treble. A five-string version is also available, down from $529.99 to $397.49.

Fender Player Telecaster, Surf Pearl: $849

Fender Player Telecaster, Surf Pearl: $849, now $729
Guitar Center is no stranger to limited-edition finishes, but this Surf Pearl colorway might just be one of its best. Conveniently, its strapped to a guitar that's equally impressive, with the Player Telecaster providing genuine Fender feel through an alder body, C-shape maple neck, 9.5"-radius fingerboard and Player Series single-coils. It's one of the best-sounding – and nicest-looking – Teles on the market right now, and it's currently $120 off.

Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top: $879

Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top: $879, now $729
If you're on the hunt for an authentic-sounding Telecaster that offers a little extra aesthetic intrigue, look no further. Featuring familiarly solid specs such as a pair of Player Series single-coils and a breezy C-shape maple neck, this particular Player Plus Top Tele has the added bonus of flashing an AA flame maple top, giving it a subtle Burst Les Paul vibe. At $150 off, it's not one to be ignored.

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $909

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $909, now $749.99
Fender’s Player series guitar remains eminently popular thanks to its mix of fantastic build quality, timeless sound, and excellent price point. As far as we’re concerned you’ll be hard pushed to get as much bang for your buck with anything else - and now you can get this awesome HSS Strat with flame maple top at a reduction of $160.

Fender Player Strat HSS, Sonic Blue: $879

Fender Player Strat HSS, Sonic Blue: $879, now $729
If burst tops aren't really your thing, this surf-inspired six-string might be a better option. It offers all the power and feel of a regular HSS Player Strat but with a stunning limited-edition Sonic Blue colorway. Conveniently, it's also currently one of the cheapest Player Strats of the year with $150 off. For the same price, the guitar is also available in a suave Candy Red Burst finish with a pau ferro fretboard.

Fender Player Strat: was $874.99

Fender Player Strat: was $874.99, now $729.99
We've talked endlessly about the Player Series before, and that’s because as far as mid-level guitars go, you'll be hard-pushed to get more for your money. With a generous discount of $145, this Limited-Edition Shell Pink Strat features a Modern ‘C’ profile, a 22-fret neck, and a 2-point tremolo with bent steel saddles.

Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Player Pack: was $249

Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Player Pack: was $249, now $199 
Despite being wrongly seen as inferior Gibsons by some, Epiphones are in fact used be a handful of the best guitarists on the planet, and for $50 off you can get in on the action with this solid single-cut. The guitar will let you channel your inner Slash, while the included amp, strap, cable and picks will see you through your first stages as an aspiring player. This pack has been around for a while, and for good reason: it's one of the best you can get.

Squier Stratocaster Pack: was $289

Squier Stratocaster Pack: was $289, now $217 
If Strats are your thing, you'd be hard pressed to find an entry level pack that trumps this one. With a 25.5" scale length, three single-coils and a faithful Strat control layout, the guitar is the perfect way to get acquainted with the authentic Fender feel and sound, with the amp, strap, cable and picks all there to help you through your first sonic steps. It's available in Sunburst or Black, and can be snapped up for $80 off its usual price.

Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Starter Pack: was $389

Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Starter Pack: was $389, now $253 
Squier's Affinity Series is heralded for offering impressive spec sheets that wouldn't look out of place on guitars with much dearer price tags, and this HSS Strat (currently a whopping $136 off) is a prime example. The C-profile maple neck, lightweight body and two-point tremolo make this an effortless beast to playe, while the bridge humbucker brings some extra sonic power to the table. Of course, the usual extras are also included.

Donner DST-100S starter pack: was $229

Donner DST-100S starter pack: was $229, now $143 
Donner is a solid alternative to the familiar household brands. Here, the guitar is as good as it gets at this price range (now reduced by almost $90) featuring a poplar body, maple neck and HSS configuration. The extras also make this a deal worth shouting about: the accompanying guitar amp is portable, and the guitar arrives with a capo, cable, strap, clip-on tuner and gig bag.

Black Friday guitar deals: Guitar amp deals

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749 $659 at Amazon
As one of the world’s most popular gigging guitar amps, the Fender Blues Junior is rarely discounted, so to find $90 off at Amazon is an exceptional deal indeed. This portable tube combo is easy to use, makes for a perfect pedal platform and sounds killer at live volume levels.

Positive Grid Spark: 35% off with SPARKBF30

Positive Grid Spark: 35% off with SPARKBF30
With thousands of tones on tap, wireless Bluetooth and fast USB connectivity, plus intelligent functions such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, it’s no wonder the Spark is the best-selling practice amp on the planet. This offer will save you a whopping $70, plus you got a free padded gig bag (usually $60).

Supro Delta King 10: $599

Supro Delta King 10: $599, $399
A regular feature in best-of lists, we couldn’t quite believe it when we saw a $200 reduction on this brilliant boutique tube combo over at Musician's friend. Despite it's small size this amp is more than capable of handling small shows, and is a great pick for home recording duties too.

Yamaha THR30II $549

Yamaha THR30II $549 $499 at Guitar Center
Yamaha’s class-leading wireless desktop amp has had $50 knocked off its asking price at Guitar Center – a tasty saving on one of the most feature-packed amps on the market. The THR30II packs 15 guitar amps, three bass amps and a trio of mic models for acoustic-electrics, not to mention Bluetooth support, a built-in wireless receiver and built-in rechargeable battery. The THR10II is also down to $299 from $329, while the THR30IIA acoustic amp has seen its price drop from $599 to $549.

Boss Katana-Air: $485 $379 at Guitar Center

Boss Katana-Air: $485 $379 at Guitar Center
Boss’s fully wireless desktop amp has had a whopping $106 slashed off the price over at Guitar Center. It crams five of Boss’s ever-popular Katana amp models into a compact enclosure, and comes with a wireless transmitter for your guitar – cables be gone! Bluetooth and USB connectivity make it a great music and recording system, too.

Blackstar Fly 3 Neon Yellow: $74.99

Blackstar Fly 3 Neon Yellow: $74.99 $64.99
Want Blackstar’s game-changing mini amp, but don’t want to pay full price? You can snag this none-more-’80s Neon Yellow version for $64.99 over at Guitar Center, saving a cool $10 in the process. It packs the same features as the regular Fly 3 – two channels, remarkably full bodied tones and a built-in tape-style delay – but with a much, much brighter aesthetic. Bassists can snag the Neon Yellow Fly 3 Bass for just $59, while the Fly 3 Acoustic is also $59 in the sale.

Randall Thrasher 50W tube head: $2,099

Randall Thrasher 50W tube head: $2,099 $1,249
If you’re serious about your live metal guitar tone, this Mike Fortin-developed 50W compact tube head is one of the best deals you can snap up this holiday season. The Thrasher’s pair of channels are designed to accommodate everything from detuned six-strings right down to eight-strings with utmost clarity and a tight attack. Its build quality is as formidable as its tones, too.

Vox Custom AC15C1: was $799.99

Vox Custom AC15C1: was $799.99, now $699.99
British boutique tube tone for less? Yes please! With the signature clean chime and the saturated warmth of the Top Boost overdrive channel, this 1x12 combo works great as part of a standalone rig, or as a pedal platform. Best of all there's currently $100 off in the Musician's Friend Black Friday deals.

Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack: $949.98

Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack: $949.98, now $499.99
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this really is a boutique tube head and cab for less than $500! With the Egnater Tweaker head pumping out 15 watts via two 6V6 tubes and a matching 1x12 cabinet with a 12” Egnater speaker, this super versatile amplifier setup has a whopping $449.99 off.

Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII: $999.99

Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII: $999.99, now $649.99
One of the most popular guitar amps on the gigging circuit, this versatile, all-tube tone machine now has a massive $300 off. The HT Series has made a name for itself as one of the best mid-priced tube combos, and this particular model comes in a distinctive Vintage Blue finish - sure to stand out on stage.

Vox amPlug 2 Lead: $59.99

Vox amPlug 2 Lead: $59.99, now $39.99
This perfect practice partner makes keeping your chops a breeze. We find having a headphone amp for guitar around the house invaluable for late-night writing sessions and keeping up our practice regimens. With upgraded analog circuitry, excellent battery life, and superb sound - this sub $40 bargain should be in every guitar player’s basket.

Line 6 Powercab 112 FRFR: $617.49

Line 6 Powercab 112 FRFR: $617.49, now $499
Line 6's Powercab 112 is, for our money, one of the best FRFR speakers out there. It features an FRFR mode that'll deliver a pristine representation of your amp modeler's preset patch or profile, plus six onboard speaker models of its own. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, it can be had for more than $100 less than its usual sticker price.

Supro 1970RK Keeley Custom 25W: $999

Supro 1970RK Keeley Custom 25W: $999, now $749
Designed in collaboration with Keeley Electronics, this unique tube combo features a transparent effects loop, and a preamp and two-band EQ section designed to allow users to run their gain pedals in front of the amp, while still giving them the potent midrange and dynamics one would associate with a Supro. For Black Friday, Guitar Center's slashed the price of this terrific collaborative offering by a hefty $250.  

Black Friday guitar deals: Acoustic guitar deals

Fender CC-60S Concert Pack V2: was $259

Fender CC-60S Concert Pack V2: was $259, now $229 
We consider the Fender CC-60S to be one of the best guitars for kids on the market today, so throw in a gig bag, guitar strap, extra strings and some guitar picks – all for less than the guitar's usual price – and you've got yourself arguably the ultimate acoustic starter kit. It's a Fender, too, so the quality is extra premium: mahogany top, back and sides, a mahogany neck and scalloped X-bracing for top-notch natural tones.

Fender Newporter Player: was $449

Fender Newporter Player: was $449, now $224
This Fender Newporter Player is one of the more stylish beginner acoustics, with cool Ice Blue Satin finish, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, C-shape mahogany neck and walnut fingerboard. And this Black Friday, you can pick it up with over $200 slashed from its normal retail price.

Mitchell D120 Dreadnought: was $149

Mitchell D120 Dreadnought: was $149, now $99
The Mitchell D120 is built to fit the tightest budgets, but that doesn't mean it's not a formidable option for beginner acoustic guitarists. Sporting a spruce top, mahogany neck, jatoba fretboard, mahogany back and sides and forward-shifted scalloped bracing, the D120 offers solid, rich tone and outstanding projection. And at under $100, what's not to love?

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster: $1,999.99

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster: $1,999.99, $1,749.99
Firmly channeling the spirit of innovation, Fender’s divisive ‘is it or isn’t it’ Acoustasonic Tele now has a huge reduction of $250 at Guitar Center. Featuring an Ebony fretboard, an acoustic engine with ten different voices, and a unique three-pickup system configuration, it may have it’s haters - but we love this groundbreaking guitar.

Epiphone Starling: was $149

Epiphone Starling: was $149, now $139
Most beginner acoustics come with understated looks, with simple natural finishes and general no-frills aesthetics. But if you're the type to be louder about your visual tastes, there's few options better than the Epiphone Starling. Available in Starlight Blue, Wine Red, Ebony and Hot Pink Pearl, this vibrant strummer is priced at $139 for a limited time at Guitar Center.

Epiphone Songmaker DR-100: was $169

Epiphone Songmaker DR-100: was $169, now $129
Epiphone is one of the most prolific guitar builders in the biz, with the trust of thousands of guitarists the world over. To join the club, why not pick up the Songmaker DR-100 – finished in Sunburst – at only $129? Normally priced at $169, this stylishly appointed six-string has had a cool $40 lopped off its tag. Now's the time to pounce.

Epiphone Hummingbird: $479

Epiphone Hummingbird: $479, $399.99
With the full-fat version of this guitar being out of reach for the majority of guitarists, the Epiphone Hummingbird offers that iconic look and sound for less. Now with an additional $79.01 off, the characterful 'woody' tones and superb playability of this wonderful acoustic are available for even less.

Breedlove Pursuit Exotic: $749

Breedlove Pursuit Exotic: $749, now $599
This acoustic features an unusual composition with a Myrtlewood top and body combination and it's got $150 off over at Musician's Friend. As well as its distinctive look, we really loved the playability of the neck profile, with a narrower fretboard width making chords and riffing a breeze - great for those used to electric guitar necks.

Rogue Starter Acoustic: was $79

Rogue Starter Acoustic: was $79, now $59
This Rogue Starter Acoustic is likely the cheapest acoustic you'll find this Black Friday, but features a spec sheet just tailored to any beginner. With a smaller scale, it's perfect for kids or aspiring guitarists with smaller hands, while a maple neck and selected hardwood fretboard is capable of producing killer unplugged tone.

Epiphone J-45 Aged Wine Red Gloss: $749

Epiphone J-45 Aged Wine Red Gloss: $749, now $549
Epiphone's J-45 takes its stylistic and tonal cues from its Gibson big brother, with a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. Fishman electronics, meanwhile, bring a modern sonic element to this none-more-iconic dreadnought. Epiphone pricing makes this J-45 attainable for the working musician, and with a $200 discount on the Sweetwater-exclusive Aged Wine Red Gloss-finished model, now's the perfect time to pick one up.

Fender Acoustasonic Strat Cocobolo: $3,299

Fender Acoustasonic Strat Cocobolo: $3,299, $2,499
This striking six string features the same Fender- and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine – with 10 different sonic combinations delivered via a trio of pickups – that rocked the guitar universe when it was first introduced on the Acoustasonic Tele in 2019. Graced with a stunning Cocobolo finish, this still-innovative model has seen its price fall by an eye-watering $800 this Black Friday, via Guitar Center. 

Gibson Dave Mustaine Songwriter: $4,499

Gibson Dave Mustaine Songwriter: $4,499, now $3,699
With 24 frets that sport mother-of-pearl 'teeth' inlays, and a pickguard with Vic Rattlehead artwork, this ain't your grandaddy's acoustic guitar. Thanks to Guitar Center, this unique model – the Megadeth frontman's first signature Gibson acoustic – has had an incredible $800 knocked off its price for Cyber Weekend. For a model that just came out this year, that's a hell of a sale, and one not to be missed.

Black Friday guitar deals: Pedal deals

Select Behringer pedals: only $14 each at Sweetwater

Select Behringer pedals: only $14 each at Sweetwater
While supplies last, you can get your hands on a selection of Behringer guitar pedals – the TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive, EQ700 Graphic Equalizer, VD400 Vintage Delay and UO300 Ultra Octaver – for just $14 apiece in this mouth-watering Black Friday deal at Sweetwater. 

TC Electronic PolyTune 3: was $99

TC Electronic PolyTune 3: was $99, now $69
Along with the Boss TU-3, the TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is considered to be the holy grail of guitar tuner pedals, and for good reason. Thanks to its ultra-precise accuracy – up to 0.1 cents – the PolyTune 3 has made its way on to thousands of pedalboards around the world, offering a range of alternate tunings with ultimate ease. As an added bonus, its BonaFide Buffer circuitry also helps to improve your guitar's tone over long cable runs. It's $30 off at Sweetwater, but only while stock lasts.

MXR M249 Super Badass Dynamic O.D.: $129

MXR M249 Super Badass Dynamic O.D.: $129, now $99
Featuring MOSFET clipping diodes and a super-simple control set highlighted by a nifty Boost/Cut switch, this stompbox can function as a smooth clean boost or a conduit for screaming vintage gain. We've been excited about this unit since it launched just a couple of months ago, and now its price has been cut to an amazing $99 by Guitar Center.

Walrus Julia V2 Platinum: £199

Walrus Julia V2 Platinum: £199, now £119
One of the best chorus pedals out there with a very rare 40% off saving and in a limited edition Platinum finish – what a combination. Lush analogue chorus and vibrato tones aplenty and this latest V2 version also offers momentary switching for quick bursts as required. 

Walrus Julia V2 Gold: £199

Walrus Julia V2 Gold: £199, now £119
One of the best chorus pedals out there with a very rare 40% off saving and in a limited edition Gold finish – what a combination. Lush analogue chorus and vibrato tones aplenty and this latest V2 version also offers momentary switching for quick bursts as required. 

EarthQuaker Devices Plumes: $99

EarthQuaker Devices Plumes: $99, now $84.15
One of the best TubeScreamer clones money can buy, Plumes has an amazing amount of sonic versatility, with a trio of modes that can give you Marshall crunch, a clean boost or, of course, screamin' drive. All of this, of course, comes with EarthQuaker's unique sonic footprint. Already a great value at $99, Plumes can now be had at Guitar Center for $84 – a whole lot of pedal at that price point.

Boss RC-500 Loop Station: $416.99

Boss RC-500 Loop Station: $416.99, now $339.98
If you're serious about looping, so is the RC-500 with MIDI capability, an animated colour LCD, 114 onboard drum grooves and 16 kits for jamming, and 13 hours of 32-bit stereo record time. It's great for guitarists, vocalists and keyboard players, channelling Boss's expertise as a market leader in looping technology. This is a fantastic price from Sweetwater on one of the best looper pedals around. 

Origin Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor: £299

Origin Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor: £299 £249
The Cali76 line of compressor pedals represent some of the very best in the market and this limited edition Compact Deluxe represents a pedalboard friendlier option. This is the kind of compressor that makes everything sound better – an always-on option. This all-analogue recreation of the famed Urei 1176 studio compressor offers studio-quality tones at your feet with a rare £50 saving on the Oxford pedal brand. 

J. Rockett Audio Squeegee Compressor: $119

J. Rockett Audio Squeegee Compressor: $119, now $49
J. Rockett's Squeegee compressor was designed as an antidote to overly complicated compressor pedals based on studio rack units. Featuring a mere two control knobs, the Squeegee aims to deliver top-notch, tube-like compression. Now an unbelievable $70 off at Sweetwater, this pedal delivers boutique value at a mass-market price.

Walrus Badwater Bass Preamp: was £299

Walrus Badwater Bass Preamp: was £299, now £249
For an excellent pedal only released earlier in 2022, this represents another great Walrus pedal deal. This is a proper bass essential; a great platform for your pedalboard or recording with a built-in optical compressor, drive circuit and comprehensive EQ section. XLR and 1/4" outputs allow to run to the mixing desk and your amp simultaneously.  

Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive: $179

Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive: $179, now $99
Green Dirt? A Sweetwater exclusive Green Sparkle finish with a special saving on this superb germanium overdrive pedal that shines for blues and classic rock tube-style breakup and dynamic saturation. It does premium lower gain well too for superlative stacking. Huge tones here and a huge $80 at Sweetwater off to sweeten the deal. 

Boss HM-2W Waza Craft: $199.99

Boss HM-2W Waza Craft: $199.99, $149.99
The pedal that became the sound of an entire genre, the 'chainsaw' buzz of the Boss Heavy Metal soon spread from Swedish Death Metal to pretty much every genre. This Waza Craft version features a second mode but keeps everything very true to the original, even down to the classic orange and black look. Now you can get a sweet $50 off this bad boy in the Musician's Friend Black Friday deals.

Blackstar Dept 10 Distortion: was $299

Blackstar Dept 10 Distortion: was $299, $199
This clever stompbox gives you four different voices to play with, making it a super versatile addition to your pedalboard. Channel 1 offers up two flavors of clean boost, while Channel 2 is where the saturated distortion tones will dirty up your tone. This valve-powered pedal now has $100 off over at Guitar Center - making it an even sweeter deal.

Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Valve Drive: was $299

Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Valve Drive: was $299, now $199
Two channels? Check. A comprehensive control set? Check. Cab Rig compatibility? You betcha. This might just be the most advanced overdrive pedal out there, boasting an ECC83 triode valve that helps deliver genuine tube amp tones and feel. This five-star unit also has got four voices, a USB connection and runs at 200V internally for supreme sounds. Sound good? It gets better: it's $100 off at Guitar Center right now.

Vox V845 Classic Wah: $89

Vox V845 Classic Wah: $89, now $64
Spec’d to emulate Vox’s classic ’60s-era original, the V845 aims to deliver all the Hendrix- and Clapton-esque, vintage wah tones your heart desires. Durable and dependable, and dressed in a sleek all-black enclosure, the V845 has seen its price slashed significantly, from $89 down to an impressively low $64, at Sweetwater. 

TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4: £195

TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4: £195, now £175
One of the most versatile delay pedals you can buy, the Flashback has loads of great features for the performing player and at Thomann you can now get it with a handy 10% off. As well as the ten built-in delay sounds, you also get a selection of 6 ‘TonePrint’ slots that let you create your own presets or download those from your favorite artists. Add in the ‘MASH’ function footswitches for real-time parameter control, tap tempo, and built-in looper and you’ve got a powerful bit of kit that will be an upgrade for any pedalboard.

Line 6 Pod GO Wireless: £499

Line 6 Pod GO Wireless: £499, now £435
We’re seeing more and more of these appearing on pedalboards at gigs, an ode no doubt to the ease of use and convenience of packing your whole rig in your bag. The Pod GO Wireless carries more than 300 effects and amp models from Line 6’s famed Helix series, giving you pretty much every sound you could imagine, and probably a few you couldn’t. It’s currently got 12% off at Thomann, a steal for the guitar player who likes a versatile tone palette.

Harley Benton DNAfx GiT Pro: was £255

Harley Benton DNAfx GiT Pro: was £255, now £233
Packing a huge selection of amp models, cabinet IRs, and effects models, this powerful floor modeler proves that great sound doesn’t have to cost you thousands and now you can get it for even less! Thomann even includes a free power cable when you purchase, so you can hit the ground running as soon as it arrives. All of the built-in effects can be used in glorious stereo, there’s recording via USB for making your own music, as well as plenty of outputs for sending your glorious amp tone to front of house.

Black Friday guitar deals: Software deals

Fender Play: 50% off a one-year subscription

Fender Play: 50% off a one-year subscription
This Black Friday you can bag a 50% discount on a 12-month subscription. If you are a beginner player or you just want to improve your playing, this is the Black Friday guitar deal for you! 

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2: was $99, now $39.60

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2: was $99, now $39.60
BIAS FX 2 gives you an arsenal of virtual amps, pedals, rack effects, and cabs to shape your sound with. It's one of the best software modelers out there and right now you can save a massive $59.40! 

Black Friday guitar deals: Accessory deals

Ernie Ball guitar strings: up to 16% off

Ernie Ball guitar strings: up to 16% off
Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on guitar strings, and Amazon is currently offering up to 16% off a range of Ernie Ball electric and acoustic string sets. Ernie Ball guitar strings are the stuff of legend, and are the go-to strings for many of the best players on the planet. Of course, immense tone and flawless durability are a given, so it's worth purchasing a set or two while stocks last.

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit: was $54

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit: was $54, now $31 
The perfect all-in-one tool kit for guitar players? Quite possibly. Ernie Ball's generous collection comes loaded with just about everything you'll need to keep your guitar ticking over, including pliers, a peg winder, three distinct cleaning wipes and 13 – yes, 13 –  hex wrenches for any adjustment you could dream off. It's almost 50% off at Amazon, as well, which makes it even sweeter.

Ernie Ball Axis Dual Radius Capo: was $14

Ernie Ball Axis Dual Radius Capo: was $14, now $9 
Think all capos serve exactly the same purpose? Think again! For the Axis Dual Radius Capo, the clue is in the title – the reversible accessory can be utilized for any and all fretboard radii, providing perfect tension for all acoustic and electric guitars under the sun. Not only is it in our top 3 of best capos on the market, it's also currently less than $10 on Amazon right now.

Ernie Ball Prodigy Guitar Picks: up to 25% off 

Ernie Ball Prodigy Guitar Picks: up to 25% off 
You can never have too many guitar picks in your possession, but Ernie Ball's Prodigy picks aren't just any old picks. They're machine-beveled, ultra-durable and meticulously formed out of delrin to promote faster, more accurate picking. There is a range of shapes and thicknesses on offer to cater to all playing styles, with savings of up to 25% to be made.

Ernie Ball Braided Cable: was $39

Ernie Ball Braided Cable: was $39, now $29 
The impact a guitar cable has on tone and signal clarity is often underrated, so if you're looking for creative, cost-effective ways to improve your rig with the tools you have, the Ernie Ball braided instrument cable is a good place to start. Dual conductors deliver pristine tones, while various shielding materials eliminate unwanted noise. A couple of colors and lengths are on offer at Amazon.

Ernie Ball Patch Cables: up to 25% off

Ernie Ball Patch Cables: up to 25% off
Once you've collated all the effects pedals you want for your pedalboard, the next battle lies in assembling them in a neat and orderly fashion. Ernie Ball's patch cables will keep your rig nice and tidy, but also have the added benefit of promising a pristine signal chain. Plus, the super-flat ribbon heads will let you pack in pedals like there's no tomorrow. A range of lengths, colors and multi-packs are on offer.

Ernie Ball Coasters: was $19

Ernie Ball Coasters: was $19, now $10 
If you're a fan of guitars, hot drinks and clean surfaces, this might just be the best novelty item you'll come across this Cyber Weekend. There's nothing particularly special about a coaster, but at least your coffee table will look cool with these spread across it. There are even different "gauges" for every player.

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: FAQ

Black Friday 2022 will land on Friday, 25 November. The deals will extend across that weekend (also known as Cyber Weekend) before finishing with a bang on with Cyber Monday guitar deals on 28 November.

The deals won't be restricted to those four days, though. Previous experience tells us that some of the best Black Friday guitar deals will emerge well in advance of the event – so keep checking this page to see what epic deals we uncover. 

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: what to expect

All major musical instrument retailers get in on the Black Friday guitar deals action, slashing prices on a wealth of products.

We've included some highlights from last year below, but some of our favorite deals included $100 off the stunning Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro, $170 off the Schecter C-1, as well as hundreds off lots more big-name brands. These Black Friday electric guitar deals sold out quickly, so it pays to be first out of the gate - if you see a deal you like, grab it!

The Amazon and Walmart Black Friday sales will be huge, too. Not only do they sell a fair range of music-making gear, but these are also the places to pick up things like wireless headphones and Amazon Echo devices.

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: Will there be stock issues?

It's no secret that there are massive issues with stock at the moment - and not just with guitar gear. With shortages worldwide and increased demand, it seems getting your hands on that particular guitar is going to be more complicated than ever. 

Now, while it will undoubtedly vary from retailer to retailer and even depend on where you are in the world, our advice remains the same -  if you see a great deal on a piece of gear you want, grab it straight away - if you hang around, you are likely to miss out. 

As we get closer to Christmas, there is a potential for delivery delays, so we'd recommend ordering as early as possible to avoid the risk of the item not arriving on time. Luckily the Black Friday guitar deals tend to start early, so you should be able to grab a bargain in time. 

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: how to prepare

Our biggest tip to get ready for the best Black Friday guitar deals is to get your research done super early. Work out what you need, not just what you want, and get your wishlist together asap. Make a note of prices as early as possible so you know if a deal is really as good as it suggests when it drops into your inbox or appears on your social media feeds.

To help you create your dream shopping list, take some time out to explore our expert buying guides and product reviews.

Should I buy guitar gear online during Black Friday?

If you're concerned about buying a guitar or other gear on Black Friday without playing it first, you needn’t be. Online music instrument retailers like Guitar Center , Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater offer hassle-free returns as standard, so you can purchase a guitar, play it in the comfort and privacy of your home and, if it’s not right, send it back without issue. You should check the specific returns policy for your chosen retailer before you purchase, but most offer between 30-45 days to return an item, as long as it’s in original condition.

What else can I buy during Black Friday 2022?

It's not just about the Black Friday guitar deals in November. Aside from music-making gear discounts, you'll find bargains on great tech like robot vacuum cleaners, iPads, MacBook Pros and Amazon Echos – and you can even pick up groceries, pet food and dishwasher tablets – but it’s the guitar deals we’ll be looking out for.

Black Friday guitar deals 2022: Last year's top deals

Here's a flavor of last year's most epic Black Friday guitar deals to give you an idea of what to expect in 2022.


Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: was $599, now $479
Last year we saw this good-looking semi-hollow get $120 slashed off the price. Throw in a classic layered maple body, rounded C mahogany neck and choice of four finishes, and you get a winner of a Black Friday Epiphone deal.


D'Angelico Premier Bedford: $799.99, now $499.99
Okay, D’Angelico may be more famous for their legendary Jazz guitars, but they have an offset that would easily rival the offset royalty, Fender. With a versatile HSS setup, a Strat-style tremolo, and a user-friendly control layout, the Bedford is a guitar you have to try - and last year we saw $300 off! 


Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99, now $699.99
Fender Player Telecaster Plus is a fantastic option for those seeking the unique sound only a Telecaster provides, but with a sleek modern edge. The inclusion of a flame maple veneer and striking blue burst finish gives this already stunning guitar a completely new look, and with $300 off, this was a stellar deal.  


Martin Special 000: $999.99, $799.99
The sound of a Martin is known the world over, and last year you could bag your very own for a whole lot less. Saving a whopping $200 off this all-solid Martin at Musician's Friend. 


Epiphone Les Paul Custom: was $729, now $629
Guitars don’t come much classier than this limited-edition Inspired By Gibson Epiphone "Tuxedo" Les Paul Custom. Thanks to the Antique Ivory finish, it's a drop-dead stunner, and it’s got the tones to match, which arrive courtesy of the creamy ProBuckers. 


Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479, now $379
Regardless of style, from heavy strumming to light fingerstyle, it's all nectar to the Hummingbird. This iconic acoustic looks like a dread and can sound like a dread, but it has a softer, more tender side too. Fantastic build quality, a solid spruce top and Fishman electronics made this 'bird an absolute bargain at $379 in last year's sale.


Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst: $729, now $629
If you're a Tool fan and can't hold on for that Adam Jones Epiphone, this Les Paul Custom has the all-important Silverburst finish and had an almighty $100 chopped off its asking price. 


Boss Pocket GT: was $249, now $149 at Guitar Center
With an integrated YouTube learning function, 99 user memories, 100 amps and effects, the same sound engine as Boss's GT-1 floor processor, and more, the Pocket GT is a terrific & portable practice Swiss Army Knife. Last year, thanks to Guitar Center, it was available for a mouth-watering discount.


Fender Play: 50% off a one-year subscription
Last Black Friday you could bag a 50% discount on a 12 month subscription, slashing the usual price of $89.99 down to just $44.99. 


Gretsch G2657TG Streamliner: $599.99, $399.99
This pint-sized Gretsch oozes class with its elegant gold hardware and a deep mahogany finish. Better yet, last year it was down to $399.99! 


Sterling Music Man Ray34HH Bass: $1,029.99, $699.99
The StingRay has been responsible for some of the most legendary bass tones of all time. The thunderous low-end and bright high-end attack make it perfect for aggressive styles of music, and this sinister all-black finish means it now looks the part as well. And Musician's Friend knocked $330 off the price. 


Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: $449.99, $349.99
The Contemporary series builds on Fender's legacy and brings it into the modern-day, with sought-after features and sleek new finishes. The SQR Active Ceramic pickups deliver bags of low-end punch and a clarity only found on active electronics - and even better, saved $100 off the retail price last year. 


Supro Delta King 8: was $449, now $329
With its sights set on emulating vintage '50s tube tones, the one-watt Delta King 8 is small, but it certainly packs a punch. Use it in front of another amp for uncompromising tube distortion, or direct into your DAW for recording. It's a no-nonsense amp that provides some truly glorious tones.


Surf Green Blackstar Studio 10 6L6: was $729, now $599
This compact, rock-solid combo – with its 6L6 power tube and Celestion Seventy-80 1x12” speaker – aims to give you classic American tube cleans, without breaking the bank, or your back. Last year you could save $130 on the amp at Sweetwater.


Get a free Black Friday plugin from Waves!
Waves dropped its brand-new free plugin, Lofi Space for Black Friday!


AmpliTube 5 MAX: was $599, now $349
You could save a huge 42% off IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 MAX, last year, which included 107 stomps, 107 amplifiers, 101 cabinets, 31 speakers, 44 rack FX, 18 microphones and 8 rooms – more than enough for most guitarists or home producers. 


AmpliTube 5 SE: was $149.99, now $39.99
One of the biggest names in guitar amp & FX modeling software dropped the price to only $39.99! Bag yourself 80 essential gear models for less than a single overdrive pedal.


ArtistWorks Lessons: 40% off with code BIG40
Learn to play the guitar with online courses by shred legend Paul Gilbert, blues aficionado Jared James Nichols and many more world-class musicians. 


MasterClass Lessons: 2-for-1 Membership Offer
Give the gift of lessons with MasterClass on Black Friday. MasterClass allows you to “learn from the best” with a wealth of industry professionals and world-famous musicians ready to teach you everything from guitar and drums to cooking and writing. Right now you can get 2-for-1 on an annual membership.  

More great Black Friday deals

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