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Van Halen Post Audio Sample of "She's The Woman"

You know the drill by now. Van Halen have posted another sample clip of a new song -- this one featuring 90 seconds of "She's The Woman" -- and you can hear it below, courtesy of VHND.

Counting "Tattoo," this is the sixth song we've heard at least a minute and a half of from Van Halen's upcoming new album, A Different Kind of Truth, which is out on February 7.

We know it can be tough keeping track of all the new music, so check out the list below to catch up on all the new VH you might have missed out on.

A Different Kind of Truth:

1. "Tattoo" (video)
2. "She's the Woman" (clip, live video)
3. "You and Your Blues"
4. "China Town" (clip)
5. "Blood and Fire" (clip)
6. "Bullethead"
7. "As Is" (clip)
8. "Honeybabysweetiedoll"
9. "The Trouble with Never" (clip)
10. "Outta Space"
11. "Stay Frosty" (clip)
12. "Big River"
13. "Beats Workin'"