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Walrus Audio Introduces Descent Reverb Pedal

The Descent Reverb is Walrus Audio’s latest venture, and it deeper into the world of modulation effects.

The Descent, a fresh take on recent developments in the sound of reverb, employs dark tones that emulate cavernous depths—resounding and full-bodied with thick, harmonic overtones.

From the company:

The Descent is capable of classic sounds but careens further into the sonic realms of the creative, the strange and the abstract. From vintage Hall Reverb settings to the conceptual Reverse and Shimmer Reverbs, the Descent covers a wide scope of possibilities in ambience.

The additional Dry Signal, +1 and -1 controls are the first of their kind, allowing the user to fully dial in an exact amount of unaffected signal, as well as one octave up and one octave down into the Reverb’s Wet Mix. These controls are active in every mode but uniquely display themselves in the Shimmer mode, allowing for previously unheard-of practicality and application. Walrus Audio steps into the future by allowing players the opportunity to create sounds that have yet to be discovered.

The Descent Reverb is dark blue, with artwork by Nathan Price demonstrating darkness coming to light. Every part in the circuit is made with high¬-fidelity components, as well as industrial grade switches and jacks.


  • Three reverb modes: Hall, Reverse and Shimmer
  • Controls include: Dry Mix, Wet Mix, Reverb Time, Diminish, Tweak and control of the signals feeding into the Wet Mix: Dry Signal, -1 (octave down) and +1 (octave up)
  • Three savable presets
  • 9V DC
  • Mono input and stereo outputs, expression control out, remote preset out

The Walrus Audio Descent Reverb carries a retail price of $349 and will be available in February at multiple outlets or at