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Watch Mrs. Smith perform Chris Isaak’s slow-burning classic Wicked Game on an Ibanez JEM

Guitar-shredding “grandma” Mrs. Smith has garnered a devoted fan base over the past few years, in particular for her recent spanking of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett in the first-ever “wah-off”.

Now the enigmatic, pearl-wearing electric guitar player, who Guitar World once described as “What if Dame Edna and Yngwie Malmsteen had a child who was then raised in high society?” has released an impressive and emotive Valentine’s Day cover of Chris Isaak’s classic Wicked Game.

In addition to likely being the first version of the slow-burning soft-rocker performed on an Ibanez JEM, the video also reveals another first – Mrs. Smith creator David Hanbury getting into costume, including full makeup, hair and dress, as his beloved alter ego.

You can check out Mrs. Smith’s take on Wicked Game above.