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Watch musicians put the modular, body-less Jammy EVO through its paces

Last month we introduced you to the Jammy EVO,  an electric guitar-like MIDI controller with a modular frame that utilizes separate sets of optical sensors for the left and right hand, making it possible for the instrument to be disassembled in halves.

The EVO launched on Kickstarter on May 19 and hit its $50,000 goal almost immediately.

Now the company behind the controller, PlayJammy, has released a video featuring a variety of artists test-driving the digital travel guitar.

You can check it out above.

(Image credit: PlayJammy)

Features on the EVO include a 17-inch frame, optical sensors that reduce MIDI latency to 8-10ms and improve MIDI tracking, optimized string spacing and an accelerometer knob that functions as a whammy bar or “whatever you want.”

Additionally, the EVO boasts a multi-channel MIDI output that allows the player to assign different instruments to each string. 

The EVO connects to a DAW as a MIDI device via USB-C or Bluetooth and is app-enabled.

Furthermore, Jammy promises mappable hardware controls, as well as a left-handed EVO model.

PlayJammy is offering an assortment of EVO packages at various price points. For more information, head to the official Jammy EVO Kickstarter page.