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Which guitarists have changed our world since 1980? Vote now!

Man playing Fender Telecaster electric guitar
(Image credit: Future)

Ever since Guitar World burst onto the scene exactly 40 years ago - with our Johnny Winter-fronted July 1980 issue - GW has kept readers up to date about the guitar community’s many trends, fads and flavors of the month.

But we’ve also covered those seminal, magical, groundbreaking moments that made us realize our world would never be the same again.

Examples? The birth of new musical genres and subgenres, the conjuring of savory new tones and mind-melting techniques, the release of game-changing songs, albums and videos, the resurgence of long-dormant disciplines (think Stevie Ray Vaughan in ’83!) and so much more.

As we head into the next few issues of GW, we’re sitting back, putting our feet up and reflecting on the past four decades - particularly those guitarists who made an undeniable impact on our universe. And we’d like your help!

Via the poll below, please vote for the guitarists who have changed our world since 1980. Remember, we’re not necessarily looking for mega-successful guitar gods or goddesses - just the ones who made their mark in a massive way and forever altered the world around them. No pressure!

We’ll close the poll at midnight on Thursday 6 August, and share the results in an upcoming issue of GW. Thanks for being involved!